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Managed Print Solutions Can Save My Company Time & Money??

Posted on Wed, Sep 11, 2013

2In today’s economy every business owner and manager is looking for ways to increase efficiency and save money. You need solutions that are effective, but also affordable and easy to implement. So, how can you boost your business without breaking the bank?

Managed Print Solution, or MPS, can help your business run like a well-oiled machine. MPS is a total print management strategy, that's specially designed for every company to receive maximum printing efficiencies, while still saving the maximum amount of money.

Here’s how a managed print solution can help your business run smoother: 

STANDARDIZATION - We take out the old printers and bring in new printers. The reason we upgrade your printers is because you want a reliable printer that won't break down. You may know with experience, but older printers have a tendency to break down more often than new printers. Not only do your printers get updated, but every printer is standardized to one model. This way, if you know how to work that one model, you should be able to work all of them. (It can take up a lot of time getting to know how to take care of each individual model so we figured sticking with one model will reduce that time down).

CONSOLIDATION - If you're that employee that has their own desktop printer, MPS will probably change that. MPS consolidates your printer fleet down to a couple people per printer. This is because, if you have 50 people with individual printers at their desk, when they start to break down from wear and tear, those costs add up quite quickly! The section of people will be given access to one printer nearby. This way, the printer will act like a central place to print and the office saves money and eliminates the need for additional printers.

LESS DOWN TIME - So now you may think, "What happens when that central printer starts acting up? What will happen to that central group of people?" Governor Business Solutions will tell you, "The printer will not be down". The reason for this is because when your printer has something internally wrong with it, such as an Error Code 50 or the printer is low on toner, Governor will see the message for our home office and we come out to service the printer right away. This ensures your company minimum down time on your printers and a large reduction of repair costs.



  • Services & Supplies included
  • Security
  • Improving overall business continuity
  • Free up your IT Resources
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Reduce your laser printer costs

Specifically, see how your industry can benefit from a MPS. From experience, the industries that benefit the most from MPS is RetailHealthCareManufacturingEducationLegal and Finance.

As you may see in the industry videos above, companies that employ a managed print solution in their business, immediately start running smoother. They experience savings in time and money, as well as increased productivity, improved customer service, and a better bottom line.


 to learn more about how your organization can boost business with an affordable Managed Printer Solution. 

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