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The Secrets to an Efficient Workplace – Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Jul 21, 2014

When it comes to managing a workplace, efficiency is one of the top priorities, but many offices do not run as productively as they could. There are many reasons why the workplace isn't as productive as it could be, and it is a problem that seems to plague nearly everyone - at the end of the day, not having accomplished as much as they intended to when they started the day. Here are some tips to create a more efficient workplace.

Have a Plan & Delegate When Appropriate

Some people prefer to do things themselves for whatever reason. But everyone needs help once in a while, and delegating work when it becomes too difficult to manage will take the pressure off of you, or anyone else in your office that has too much on their plate, and allow it to be distributed, creating a more efficient workplace.

Keep Meetings Short and to a Minimumefficient work place with managed print

Unnecessary meetings, or meetings that run on longer than they need to, are one of the biggest office time wasters. If you are in charge of meetings, make sure that whatever meeting you are having is actually necessary, and create a plan to make sure it ends as quickly as possible, and allows people to get back to actual work. Evaluate your meeting schedule often and make adjustments as needed.

Remove Distractions From the Workplace

One of the biggest reasons that people don't get enough done is that they are distracted by social media, text messages, YouTube videos and other internet miscellanea. Use software to block these websites in the workplace and ensure that people don't use their phones except during break times and for emergencies, and you will see a major increase in productivity.

Create a Task Listefficient work place with managed print

If you want to make a more efficient workplace, then consider creating task lists for employees, or yourself. Lists serve several functions. They allow you to take items on them more seriously, due to the fact that they are on paper, they give you a sense of accomplishment by checking them off, and they allow you to prioritize your tasks in order of importance.

Use Managed Print Services

Finally, creating a more efficient workplace is easy if you switch to managed print solutions. If you work in an office, you likely have a some, or more likely many, printers that you buy supplies for, have serviced when they stop working, and manage along with your computer systems. However, when printers go down, it makes it impossible to have workplace efficiency, and the same goes for when you run out of supplies like paper and toner. However, with managed print services, your supplies and maintenance are taken care of for you, so that your printers don't go down, and cause missed deadlines and unhappy customers, and ultimately affecting your bottom line.

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