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Trends in Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Feb 9, 2015

Early 2010's, the definition and core service of managed print services was undefined, which made it difficult to identify its true value or any real standards. The Managed Print Services Association has changed that with the following definition for the industry:

Managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.

Now that businesses can identify the role of managed print services and its cost-saving benefits as an essential business tool, more and more companies are getting on board and realizing its true value.  Here are three emerging trends in managed print services:


Green Printing

Sustainability is no longer just an ideal or a goal. It’s a requirement for a lot industries and their clients.  It shows a long-term commitment to your surroundings, its communities and their residents.  Managed print services can help you lower your company’s carbon footprint and move towards a paperless office.  We can educate your about sustainable print practices that preserve the environment and save money.  You can reduce waste by recycling paper, ink and other resources, while implementing eco-friendly practices like digital filing and grayscale printing.

Accountability & Measurability

Print, copier, phone and fax audits, as well as other monitoring of resources, allow you to determine the exact value of critical operations and identify opportunities to further improve efficiency.  Managed print services provide accurate monitoring of print resources through clearly defined reporting mechanisms and analysis.  These reports can be set for individuals, departments or an entire company.  Advances in measurability allow you to develop a clearer picture of your printing output and take control over the printing done throughout your office.

Mobile & Cloud Computing

As work continues to move beyond the physical office and its data centers, we see more opportunities for cost-savings in infrastructure, asset management and operations.  Custom applications for mobile devices and the cloud allow for increased flexibility, scalability and productivity, and managed print services are no exception.  These innovations can be industry specific, cross-industry or enterprise level.  We can help your business stay ahead of the technology curve.

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Managed Print Services

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