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Managed Print Services is the solution to reducing printing costs

Posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2015

Do you know how much your company is spending on print? If you don’t know how much, then you are most likely spending more than you should be. Most companies spend far too much on their printing, and some executives may not even know how much is really being spent. No matter what type of business you work in, printing is a cost that you just can't get away from. However, there are ways to reduce that expense on printing if you take these few tips in consideration.

The best way to reduce your printing expenses is by one provided service – Managed Print Services.

Managed print services is perfect for high volume printing. The more you print, the more money that you can save with managed print services. At Governor Business Solutions, some clients haven gained savings up to 30%. A managed print services company can look over your entire printing operation; figure out how much you are spending on print, and how much you could be saving. After analyzing your print environment, they will take those steps to consolidate your printer fleet, create strategies that save money and time, and manage your printing from supplies to maintenance. These steps will help you realize what bad printing habits your company has and how it will be improved.

Managed Print ServicesThere are a number of benefits to managed print services and it’s a great way to save your company money. To help you understand the true benefits of MPS, here are just a few of the outcomes of these services: 

Improved Costs: Obviously, one of the major benefits of managed print services is the money that you'll save. This savings comes from several different strategies, depending upon what your MPS recommends and what strategies you decide to implement. However you decide, your MPS will work with you to create a road map of your printing costs to work from, and then give you recommendations on saving. Things like consolidating fleets so that you can save on supplies by buying in bulk and making sure that maintenance is done regularly so that your printers don't require a major repair or replacement are just a couple of these examples.

Better Security: Security is important in any business, but some businesses need better security than most. If you are one of those types of companies, you will be pleased to know that having an MPS increases your security by identifying the weak spots and then using technological solutions to fix them. 

Productivity Increased: Since you have someone else taking care of everything your printer fleet needs, your staff can work on more important tasks, and having an MPS ensures that your fleet is operating at its maximum, which also means higher productivity for you.

If you want to decrease the amount of money that you are spending on print, or to gain a better understanding of what you're company is spending, talk to a managed print services company today and find out just how much better your company can run with someone managing your printer services for you.  

One Response to “Managed Print Services is the solution to reducing printing costs”

  1. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on saving on printing costs. I had never thought about how managed print services help increase the productivity of the company that needs the printing. It is definitely nice to not have your employees spend half an hour each day just to get some documents printed. That is two and a half hours per week of time that could be spent doing more important things!

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