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5 Ways to Save Money on Printing Costs, such as Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

Just about everyone dreads buying new printer supplies, such as ink and paper. Yet most of us fail to alter our behaviors to save money on printing costs. Either we lose sight of how much we print or we forget just how expensive printing supplies are. Let's take a look at some easy ways to save money on printing costs.

managed-print-services1. Upgrade to a Printer With an Automatic Duplexer

The majority of modern business printers and many consumer printers have an automatic duplexer. This technology allows you to print on the front and the back of each sheet of paper. There is no sense in using only one side of a piece of paper. Duplex style printing makes efficient use of your printer paper and is eco-friendly. Upgrade to a printer with an automatic duplexer and you can cut your printing costs in half.

2. Check Your Printer's Settings

Printers have a software interface that lets users alter the printer's functions. Use the printer drive to change the settings to either a tone-saver or ink-saver mode. Opt to print in draft mode unless you must produce a presentation-quality document.

3. Reconsider Your Choice of Ink

You can find cheap third party ink that will save you plenty of money. Most of these ink cartridges are compatible with popular printers. However, beware of the possible headaches that third party ink can cause. Some produce a low quality output and others require a frequent cleaning of the printer nozzles. Do your homework and study the variety of available third party inks before making a commitment.

4. Take a low Cartridge Warning With a Grain of Salt

If you printer warns you that an ink cartridge is running low and must be replaced, do not immediately drive out to the store to pink up more ink. The vast majority of printers will warn users about low ink far in advance of an actual ink level depletion. So don't panic. You might have a good number of prints remaining with your existing cartridges. Keep on printing and getting all that you can out of the current ink cartridges to save money on printing costs. Only replace them when you notice a substantial decrease in the quality of your prints.

5. Rely on Governor Business Solutions' Managed Print Services

Managed print services can help you in your quest to reduce your printing costs. Too many businesses overlook the money that they spend on printer ink and paper. Most drastically underestimate their print needs and do not implement effective cost controls. Lean on Governor Business Solutions and your company can save upwards of 30% when it comes to aggregate printing costs.

Our services will optimize your print environment, boost your workflow and liberate your staff to focus on non-printing responsibilities. Contact us today for a free print assessment. We will analyze your company's current status in the context of printing efficiency and determine an estimate of how much money you can save with our managed print services.

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