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Managed Print Services Helps You Print Smarter!

Posted on Mon, Dec 12, 2016

Your office printer is an appliance that bleeds your company money. It is one of those appliances where, if you do not monitor it properly, it can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year. While you do need a printer in the office, it likely is overused without properly utilizing system settings. That is why you should consider managed printer services. With Managed Print Services in place, you stand to save money, improve productivity and boost internal information security, all at the same time.

managed-print-servicesSave Money

With managed print services, you have the ability to slash costs associated with your printer. You can change the way you print documents, including switching to double-sided prints, reducing the size of margins and cutting the amount of ink used by switching to draft mode. In fact, companies that utilize a print service see savings between 10 and 40 percent.


Environmentally Friendly

By managing your print jobs, you reduce the amount of paper consumed and ink consumed (which cuts back on plastic cartridges). Additionally, with less paper used you won't toss as much waste into the trash. So, by taking advantage of managed print services, you'll not only save money but help save the environment as well.


Boost in Functionality and Department Audits

Printer usage is a hidden expense. You probably don't know what department is spending more in this area than others. With the managed services, you can properly audit each department to see where the majority of paper waste is coming from. This way, you can turn this around, improve the overall functionality of printing and, by connecting the printer to the company network, you'll improve productivity thanks to only needing a single printer.


managed-print-serviceConstant Monitoring Reduces Downtime

With the service constantly monitoring the printer usage, you'll know when to change out ink cartridges, when ink levels are low and what paper levels are at. This way, you'll have supplies when you need it.


Managed print services can prove to be a vital upgrade for your business. You just need to understand how to implement these services. So, if you are interested in saving money and improving employee productivity, give Governor Business Solutions a call, email or just check out more information on the website. If you have a question or are ready to take advantage of these game changing features, the staff at Governor is ready to assist.

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