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What is Managed Print Services?

Posted on Tue, Jan 26, 2016

managed-print-servicesIf you're a business owner, or an office manager, you may know that one of the essential aspects to the survival of a company is keeping the overhead costs down. Believe it or not, but one thing that often flies under the radar when it comes to proper budgeting is a company's printing services. A company's printing services can be much more expensive than you might think - things like printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners all cost money, not just when you purchase a new machine, but also the cost operate. What's even more shocking, many businesses don't accurately keep track of what they are spending every year on everything from printing hardware to ink cartridges, toner and even paper. When companies look to a managed print services company to help, you'll not only be able to track printing expenses more accurately, but you'll be able to cut down on your printing costs, make your workplace more efficient, improve file security, and improve your company's environmental footprint! Let us explain to you how this can happen.

  • Managed Print Services Reduce Company Printing Costs - Managed print services perform a thorough assessment of your company's printing infrastructure in order to determine how much money is going into your printing, determine what your current printing capabilities are and determine what your printing needs are. A plan will be established to reduce the number and types of printing devices and supplies while still meeting your printing needs. In many cases, they will replace printing devices with more efficient devices, allowing them to reduce the overall number of printers that you need. Additionally, they will continuously monitor, manage and optimize your company's total print output environment.
  • Managed Print Services Makes Your Company More Efficient - Because a managed print services will be able to determine whether you have more printing devices than you need or not enough printing devices, they will outfit your workplace with the exact number of printing devices needed, which in turn should boost the efficiency of your business. They will also make sure that the appropriate printing devices are being used for the correct tasks. Not to mention that they will be able to re-stock your workplace with the proper amount of printer materials, such as paper and ink cartridges, before employees run out. This ensures that workflow is maintained and that there are no business interruptions.
  • Managed Print Services Improves Security - One of the most common problems businesses have in attempting to maintain their printing infrastructure is security. Sending sensitive documents from a computer to a printer can be a very insecure process. It's not uncommon for someone to accidentally send a sensitive document (such as an employee medical record) to the wrong printing device. A managed print service can take steps to reduce such security mistakes by finding the best printing devices and security features to suit the needs of your company, such as devices that require a personal identification number or a password before a document will print. Some printing devices even require a scan card or a fingerprint swipe. They can also implement mobile printing software that allows you to encrypt your documents so that they will travel through your cloud network securely.
  • Managed Print Services Reduce Your Environmental Footprint - By reducing the number of printing devices you are using, you'll be reducing the amount of electricity you are using. Additionally, they can help you turn routing and approvals, which are typically paper-based processes, into automated digital ones in order to reduce the amount of paper you use.

Printing services can account for as much as 15 percent of a company's annual spending. The use of managed print services could reduce printing costs by as much as 30 percent while also improving your company's efficiency and security while reducing your environmental footprint. To learn more about Managed Print Services, contact the printer specialists, Governor Business Solutions today!


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