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Making Huge Printing Savings with Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Looking from a high-level, your company's printing cost may take a huge effect to your bottom line, however it does effect many other areas in your company. To start, the calculated printing costs may include what you paid for printer maintenance, purchasing ink and using paper. Many different departments print different amounts, so knowing what each department prints can help you identify problem areas and assist in saving money as well. One of the best way to realize printer savings is through a managed print services.


What is Managed Print Service?

Without an overhead service monitoring your printing, it is difficult to know where the majority of your printer usage is coming from. This is where a managed printer service comes in. A managed print service provides five points of service to your business. These points include, a reduced cost of printing, a reduced environmental impact, an improved security system, improved business continuity, and less wasted time with IT.

Managing Print Services Reduces Cost

A managed print service can reduce costs and implement printing savings in multiple ways. First, it performs a complete audit of printing within your business. This way, you can see what each department is printing, which in turn allows you to correct these printer oversights. Second, you can have the managed print service implement new printer changes, such as printing double-sided, printing in draft mode and reducing margins on pages, each of which cuts down on the amount of paper and ink you use.

Your Environmental Impact Will Be Reduced

Printing savings is not the only area you'll see an improvement in, but you will also see a huge improvement to your environment impact. By reducing the amount of paper you use, you'll cut down on the amount of waste that enters local landfills. There are also energy saving features on the printer your new managed printer service can implement.

An Improved Security

If you ask many office manager, or IT professionals, network printing is vital in improving productivity while reducing costs. However, it also puts all information printed at risk of potential Internet theft. With a managed account, you'll put up new safeguards against this problem.

Improve Business Continuity

With a managed print services, a business can run more smooth, when there is continuity. With the managed printer service, your print jobs are more controlled and better organized.

Freeing Up IT Resources

Managed Print Services will leave you with fewer printer problems. Your IT department, our outsourced IT company will end up spending less time fixing your printing issues, and more time on other issues and service requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about managed printer services, how it can save you money and what all it can do, please contact Governor Business Solutions for additional information. Our managed print services professionals will be glad to show you exactly how much your business can save by implementing a MPS solution. You can contact Governor Business Solutions at, or 888-513-2593.

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