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What makes HP DesignJet Large Format Printers so Great

Posted on Fri, Jun 10, 2016

HP Large Format PrintersIf you own, manage or work for an organization that is looking for a way to establish a meaningful connection with a target audience, you will find the HP Designjet large format printer to be quite useful. This amazing machine generates gorgeous documents for a variety of outreach purposes. You have likely seen printouts created by HP Designjet large format printers in the past as you traversed urban landscapes, trade shows and other environments.

Why the HP Designjet Large Format Printer has Become so Popular

Plenty of people think that large format printers create one specific type of printout. Such a sentiment could not be further from the truth. Businesses around the world are turning to the HP Designjet large format printer to create an array of highly unique documents that make a powerful impact on audiences. The beauty of this machine is that it produces all sorts of different printouts. Whether it is a CAD drawing, a poster, a nuanced color printout, an engineering document, fine art prints, reproductions, educational materials, maps, schematics, black and white illustrations or a three dimensional prototype, the HP Designjet large format printer can create it to your exact specifications.

The HP Designjet Large Format Printer: Where Quality Meets Efficiency

The printouts created by this large format printer are widely revered in business circles around the world for reasons beyond their remarkable visual quality. The HP Designjet spits out documents at a surprisingly fast pace. There is a popular misconception that printing documents from a large format printer requires hours of wait time. The truth is that the HP Designjet creates printouts to your exact specifications in little time. This is the type of efficiency you need to boost your bottom line and reach your target audience in a timely manner.

It is More Than Just a Printer

The HP Designjet large format printer does more than create detailed printouts with vivid colors. Think of this machine as you would a utility player on a baseball team: it does it all. Your HP Designjet will print, copy, scan and even digitally archive your documents for posterity's sake. So don't pigeonhole this printer as a machine that is limited to printing massive documents. Its designers invested the time, effort and resources necessary to expand its capabilities for the type of wide-ranging utility that the typical organization needs to succeed in today's hyper-competitive business environment.

hp printer savingsHewlett-Packard is a Name you can Trust

If you were to ask office managers, business owners and even everyday people about what brand of printer they trust, the vast majority would mention Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP has been in the printing business for decades. The company created its first large-format inkjet printer way back in 1991. HP's talented engineers have been working tirelessly over the past 25 years to perfect this technology. The HP Designjet large format printer represents the culmination of these efforts.

This machine is heralded as a significant technological achievement as it sets the bar for large format printing speed, quality and reliability. This printer will not let you down. There is a reason why over three million HP Designjet printers have been sold around the world. These printers generate printouts with vibrant colors, remarkable precision and unparalleled image quality. This is exactly what you need to establish inroads with your target audience.

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