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Looking for cheap printing supplies for your business? We got you covered!

Posted on Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Printer User ManualSeveral companies make the mistake of underestimating their printing expenses. Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much your spending on document generation at your company each year? You'd probably be surprised to learn that printing costs can be as high as 3% of a company's annual revenue. Think about how much you could improve your bottom line if you cut out such a significant expense.

As a business owner, you may not know as much as someone in the printing business. That means that you may not be aware of the best ways to minimize this expense. If you want to optimize printing and document generation at your office, you need to consult an expert. That's what managed printing service are all about.

Dealing with professionals

A professional provider of managed printing services can lower your printing costs in a variety of ways. When you outsource your printing needs with managed printing services, you can work with printing professionals who will oversee the operation of your printers. They will also analyze the logistics of your current printing system and determine where improvements can be made.

But one of the most important things a provider of managed printing services can do is provide you with cheap printing supplies. Because your main business isn't printing, you're probably not aware of where you can get the cheapest supplies out there. Therefore, you're probably wasting money on buying overpriced supplies or items that you don't really need to meet your printing needs.

Analyzing your printing expenditures

You might assume that saving money on printing supplies is just about finding cheaper paper and ink. However, you're probably overlooking many additional printing expenses you incur that might even make up the bulk of your printing expenditures.

A managed printing services provider will make bulk orders on supplies like paper, ink, and printing cartridges. With bulk orders of quantities that are far greater than you could ever need, managed printing service providers enjoy the best prices out there. However, they also save clients money on printing supplies by determining the best possible cheap printing supplies for each individual company.

Often, printing cartridges are cheaper for a certain printer model, but they run out more frequently. A certain type of paper may be less expensive, but it might also be prone to jamming up your printer. Printer models that are more affordable are often slow and cumbersome to operate, thus costing you money in excessive time consumption and labor charges.

Managed service solutions

Managed Print ServicesYou can see that supplying your office with cheap printing supplies might be more complicated than you at first assume. When you do business with a provider of managed service, you'll provide your provider with in-depth details about your currently printing infrastructure. Then, you'll find out ways to both meet and minimize your printing needs and material demands.

When you begin consulting with your managed printing service provider, you'll become aware of the processes and materials that you previously didn't know anything about. According to statistics, managed printing services can save companies as much as 30% on their annual printing costs. Much of these savings comes from reducing materials costs with truly cheap printing supplies. Finding lowers costs materials is not just about finding paper, ink, and cartridges with a lower sticker price. It's about throughly analyzing and assessing your current infrastructure to optimize every step of the printing process at your office.

If you're interested in learning more about optimizing the document production process at your company, Governor Business Solutions to learn more about our managed printing solutions.

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