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7 Things to look for when buying a Multi-function Printer

Posted on Mon, May 19, 2014

Buying a multi-function printer can be slightly intimidating, because there are so many different options available. Today's multi-function printers do so much more than this simple task. If you are in the market for a multi-function device here are some things that you should be looking for:

# 1 - Look For What You Needmultifunction printer

Before you do anything, you need to first take a closer look at your needs in a printer, and make sure that the multi-function device meets those needs. It doesn't matter how many bells and whistles your printer has, if it doesn't have the basic functions that you need. Make sure that when you're shopping for a multi-function printer that is does everything that a printer should do, and not make the basics too complicated.

# 2 - Look for Reviews & Ask your Managed Print Services Rep

When you look at the manufacturer description of a multi-function printer, they could leave out some fine details. If you're planning on buying a multi-function device, look at the actual user reviews of the product or talk to an expert, like a managed print services representative to find out just exactly what you need, and which multi-function printers will serve you the best.

# 3 - Look at the Big Picture

When you buy a multi-function printer, you aren't just spending money on the printer itself. You're also committing to spending money on the ink, paper and other supplies. The machine's overall costs is more than just the purchasing price. Be aware how much these items cost before you make your purchase so that you don't end up being committed to spending more than you want long term.

# 4 - Look at Ease-of-Use

It is very likely that you have chosen a multi-function machine because you want it to be able to do several different tasks, like coping, scanning and printing. However, that doesn't mean that you should have to be an expert in printers to be able to use it. Make sure that you ask your MPS provider about traning your users how to use the device.

# 5 - Look for Multitasking Capability

You are spending the money for a MFP, so you might as well be getting the most out of it as possible, and that means a printer that can do more than one thing at once. Having a printer that can do multiple things is great; having a printer that can do them at the same time will save your business time and money.

# 6 - Know What Support You Are Gettinghp_m_880_new

You don't want to be stuck with a printer that you can't get to work, so make sure that your multi-function printer comes with a robust support solution in case you have technical problems setting it up, or it quits in the middle of a particularly busy work day. Know that you can reach a real person that is able to help you get back up and running fast.

# 7 - Know How Much Security You Are Getting

Make sure that your multi-function device has adequate security, and find out before you buy just how much you are protected, particularly if you are in a field where confidentially matters more than most. Having a great printer with poor security will cost you in the long run.

We hope these 7 tips come in handy when you're looking to purchase your new Multi-function printer. If you're looking for more tips and advice to find the right MFP for your business, contact a printer expert today or call 313-441-4610. If you're looking for a good deal, consider leasing a new Hewlett-Packard Color M880z, contact us for details. 

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