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Lexmark Printers – High Quality, Fast Printing & Low Prices

Posted on Mon, Nov 24, 2014

If you own or manage a business, you most likely have significant printing needs. One thing you don't want to do is just opt for the cheapest printer or whatever model is on sale. You'll likely regret it after a few weeks. If you're in the market for a new printer, check out some of Lexmark's newest printers. The Lexmark printers are high quality devices that operate faster and more efficiently than competitors. They're perfect for any business size or demanding printing challenges.

lexmarkThis fall and winter, Lexmark printers are available at incredibly reduced prices. You'll never find a collection of elite printers available at these low prices again. The Lexmark name is well respected throughout business communities for good reason. Lexmark printers are chock full of high tech features and premier functionality that saves time and money while eliminating errors in document processes.

Lexmark also offers a diverse group of printers to choose from. The mono laser variety features the T650 Series, the W850 Series, the MS510/610 Series and more. They are workhorse printers with additions such as, simple touch screens, advanced features, high capacities and the productivity solutions to help businesses operate with efficiency. Lexmark also carries incredibly powerful Dot Matrix printers for high capacity environments. While these beasts pack a powerful printing punch, they are easy to support and maintain.

If you're in the need of a multifunction color printer, one should be pass off the Lexmark CX310/410 Series, the X540 Series or the CX510 Series. These fast multifunction Lexmark devices provide PANTONE color matching, rapid printing speeds and high capacity inputs so that you can get your work done quickly and accurately.

Lexmark-Products-2If you're looking for a printer, copier, scanner or a all in one processor, consider Lexmark's multifunction mono laser units. The MX310/410/510 Series, the MX610/710/810 Series and the X460 Series are some examples of Lexmark multifunction units that do it all. These hybrids combine diverse functions so that you can get massive amounts of work done in very little time.

Solutions in Mind. When you choose a Lexmark printer, you'll find that the device is built with an array of solutions that will streamline workflows. The Store & Retrieve function provides print-on-demand capabilities on the device's eTask panel. These printers come with an Embedded Solution Framework that enhances business productivity and conserves paper while requiring little energy. The Framework is a platform that empowers applications to operate on the device so that you can avoid the problems of server-based applications. There's even a tracking and accounting tool that tabulates the number of pages used by each worker.

High-Quality Color. Most people love the fact that you can store color libraries in your Lexmark printer to optimize your images. While this is the type of feature that is typically limited to high end, elite image processors; it is standard on all Lexmark color printers. This allows you to print your corporate logo, brand image or work projects with the perfect set of colors that will present your company in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Secure Devices. Lexmark devices are engineered with user security in mind. They come with device management tools to restrict access to authorized administrators. There is password protection, IP security and remote monitoring. Device hardening tools like hard disk encryption and wiping, TCP connection filtering and port filtering are also included. Your organization's susceptibility to theft and unauthorized access is further reduced with Lexmark printers' device operation tools. These include address book lookup by way of LDAP over SSL, authorization and authentication features and device lockout functionality.Lexmark-printer-promotions

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