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Large Format Printers Saves Companies Hundreds

Posted on Mon, Jul 13, 2015

For any office setting, printing costs can become rather drastic, especially when the company continually needs to head out to the local print shop. Now, internal office documents are easily created with a standard desktop printer. The paper can be inexpensive and even the ink levels can be adjusted to use only what is necessary. However, when it comes to larger print requirements, such as displays for visiting clients, posters put up around the facility and larger marketing campaign material, all of this quickly adds up. Just a small stack of large format posters printed on computer printer grade paper can quickly cost the business over $100, and this is for every single stack. Anything higher quality, such as photo grade, and the office can see their printing bills skyrocket into the thousands, all because the business is not able to print these larger documents inside of the office. All of this can change though with the aid of large format printers.

What are Large Format PrintersImage result for hp designjet

Large format printers work just like any other desktop printer. It can be connected to the office network so any computer can send print requests, or it can be only installed in your marketing department so the printer can remain clear for any marketing requirements. With the help of the printer, it is possible to print the large scale posters, marketing material and other content the business needs, all without heading off to the print shop. By doing this, your company has the ability to save money ever single time a document is printed.

These large format printers can come in high definition photo quality presentations. This way, if you want to produce photograph grade marketing material on glossy card stock, you have this ability. You'll also find the paper you purchase for the large format printer can be done in bulk, which in turn cuts down the cost of every print job even further.

How Large Format Printers Save You Money

There are a few different ways large format printers can save you money. First, there is the ability to skip out on paying the inflated print facility prices. You can print a dozen documents or more for what it might cost to print a single poster size document at the printer. Plus, by buying the paper in bulk, you can cut down on how much you spend even further.

With the large format printers on hand at all times, you don't need to send an intern or one of your employees to the print shop. This way, there is no drop in production so your company can increase production without loosing time. You don't need to worry about last minute rush jobs and, if it is the holidays, you don't have to drive up to the print shop, wondering if the facility is going to be open late the night before a big holiday. All of this is taken care of and all of it goes a long way in helping you save money.

Of course, the large format printers also helps save you make money. With the printer on hand at all times, you'll be more inclined to utilize the printer, which means you can improve your product marketing and grab the attention of more customers. Essentially without spending a dime more than what you were previously, you can bring in more sales, thus improving your bottom line while cutting your spending. There are few additions to your company that can both increase sales and cut costs, but large format printers have the ability to do just this for you.

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  1. I like how you said, “…large format printers can come in high definition photo quality presentations”. My brother prints large pictures sometimes. He does adds for the company he works for. Furthermore, he does some marketing for them too. How large can something be printed?

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