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Large format printers are for much more than posters!

Posted on Tue, Oct 20, 2015

wide-format-printerLarge format printers are a great addition to any office. The thing most people just assume a large format printer is simply a poster printing device. After all, larger sheets of paper are used for it, and what else would you use it for? Sure, printing posters is an option, and a pretty handy option. However, large format printers have plenty of other perks and benefits you need to look into. So, if you are considering a large format printer from Governor Solutions and just not sure what all you might use it for, make sure to read further.

Book Printing

When you print a book or document that is going to use a series of folded pages, you either have the option of three-hole punching the document or printing it with a wide format printer and having it professionally display, just like a real book. As soon as you start punching holes into a document, proving information in a binder or using the plastic, spiral binding, it instantly cheapens the look of the product. However, with the large format printer, you simply simply produce four pages on the large sheet of paper, then when it is folded, it is going to be stapled through the middle. This is going to do a few different things for you. First, it makes the document look much more professional. Second, it is going to save you money. While a single sheet of large format printer paper is more expensive than a standard 8.5 by 11, it is less expensive than four sheets of paper, which is what that one large format paper is worth. You also don't need a binder or the plastic binding, saving you even more money.

No More Outsourcing

Your company may outsource poster printing to local printer firms. You may also outsource other jobs too, such as wide format labels, window decals and other advertising content you use on your products and around the shop. You will no longer need to do that with your large format printer, by being able to print all of the wide format documents, decals and other material, it saves you money and reduces the amount of time you have to wait for the finished product to return to you.


If your business works with construction, design or anything else where having a predetermined plan displayed for employees, a large format printer can help save you time and money. Large format printers are able to print blueprints, which means you no longer need to head out to the printers for this kind of work. It can save you both money and time, allowing you to get onto the job quickly. Not everything is advertising when it comes to printing information, and while a blueprint is especially helpful, the ability to print it in shop takes these benefits to the next level.

More Than Just Posters

Other marketing displays can be produced with a large format printer. Depending on the model and printer you go with, banners can be produced. Some large forma printers run off of a paper spindle. This way, the length of the paper can be almost limitless. With this kind of feature, you can produce banners of almost any size, as well as signs and other helpful displays to put up around the office, the storefront or anywhere else.

If you are looking for a way to improve functionality around the office while also saving money at the same time, you need to check out the different large format printer options available from Governor Business Solutions. Governor Business Solutions offers a wide variety of large format printers, such as Hewlett-Packard Designjets, Oce large format printers, and Canon large format printers. For more information on large format printers, contact the specialists at 313-441-4600.

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