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Top 5 Uses for a Large Format Printer

Posted on Mon, Nov 3, 2014

In the past, if you wanted something printed larger than a standard or legal-sized piece of paper, you had to go to a digital printer and pay big bucks. However, over-sized printing has finally come home, to the office, and with the high megapixel count on cameras and computer's ability to create and support very high resolution graphic designs, there is no reason to outsource your oversize printing. With a large format printer in the office, you can create some pretty amazing things. Here are five large format uses or industries that could benefit from a large format printer.

#1 - Architectural Industries

Engineering and architectural firms can benefit from large format printers in a big way. Blueprints and schematics are often so detailed that it can be impossible to see everything unless they are printed out on extremely large prints. Any industry that has a regular need for schematics, floor plans, blueprints or diagrams knows that outsourcing this printing can grow very expensive, very fast. That's why many companies within these industries are choosing to make the initial investment in a large format printer.

#2 - Digital Printing Services

Of course, with a large format printer you could begin providing large printing to other companies. This is especially useful if you are already in a directly linked or related industry. Digital printing companies will definitely benefit from a large format printer and see an increase in profits but companies that provide graphic design services, advertising agencies or any of the hundreds of related industries can also benefit from having a large format printer. The bottom line is that there is a huge market for large format printing, and it’s growing.

#3 - Upper Management & Corporatecanon-large-format-printers

Executives in the corporate world rely in presentations in order to share new ideas or other information. Often, that information is too expansive for smaller prints. Printing on a large scale can ensure that all of the information is provided in meetings, and that presentations are clearly visible by everyone in the room. Executives are often surprised just how useful large format printers are once they have them available.

#4 - Advertising

Any business, no matter what specific industry they are in, can benefit from additional advertising and large format printing provides a plethora of advertising opportunities through large format printing. Signs, vehicle decals, posters, banners and much more are easily created with a large format printer, without having to spend a fortune to outsource. Whether you are advertising your company in a general way, or promoting a specific event, or product, large format printing can be your best friend throughout the process.

#5 - Education

oce-large-format-printerEducation can be related through schools and universities, or related to business or vocational training, a large format printer can make a huge improvement to the curriculum. Presentations can be created that are comprehensive, visible to all students and interesting enough to catch the eye and hold a person's attention, and there are thousands of useful educational materials that can be created with large format printing. Any educational institution - corporate, or private or public school - should have at least one large format machine available to them and their educators.

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Having a large format printer in the office can be one of the best investments no matter what kind of industry you happen to be in. There are many different uses for large format printers, creating incredible prints for everything from marketing posters to blueprints and diagrams and everything in between. You'll be surprised just how many useful things you think of once you have a large format printer in the office. For more information and specific uses for large format printers, visit our website to see more about our Oce and Canon Large format printers.


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