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IT FAQ: HP Universal Print Driver

Posted on Mon, Oct 14, 2013

Printers are incredibly helpful features for both home offices and small business. Not only are these devices able to print, but scan, copy, fax and produce photograph grade images as well. Printer hardware has come a long way since running off of the slow dot-matrix versions (plus, users no longer have to remove the dotted, perforated paper edges on the side of documents). However, an important feature to have installed on any connected computer is the printer driver.hp_universal_print_driver_imageWhile most printers now connect to an updated computer system without the need of a driver, the printer is not always going to function correctly. Due to this, if a computer is using an HP printer, it is necessary to utilize an HP universal print driver. The HP universal print driver is going to correct many errors a user might run into, which makes it so vital to install. Regardless of the question, professional solutions are offered at Governor Business Solutions.Printer Not Scanning DocumentsMost computers can now connect to a printer without having to install the required driver. However, some functionality is lost, especially in regards to the scanning features. With scanning beds running at different resolution, the computer is not going to always know how to utilize the scanning features, as the scanning is sending information to the printer, not the other way around. Because of this, if the scanner is not functioning correctly, it is necessary to install the latest HP universal print driver. This should clear up any sort of issue occurring with the scanner.

If the Wireless Feature Is Not Working

One of the great offerings modern printers present is the ability to print without actually tethering it to a computer. However, because there is no direct data connection, the computer must have a driver for the printer. Without the driver, the computer does not know what to connect to, what information the printer can handle and what sort of resolution it can print at. While a connected printer is still going to have some features, a wireless printer will not work at all without the driver. You can find instructions on where to locate the HP universal print driver options at Governor Solutions.

While there are many different reasons as to why a printer might not function correctly, many of these come down to the lack of an updated driver installed on the computer. This small feature can correct almost anything.

To learn more about HP's Universal Print Driver download HP's Universal Print Driver flyer.

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