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How to know whether buy that Intermec Barcode Printer

Posted on Mon, Oct 13, 2014

When it comes to business, the digital exchange of information is standard. Barcodes make that exchange happen instantly and that's why so many businesses are using the Intermec Barcode Printer for mailing, inventory and more. But which Intermec printer is right for your business? Determining that will require understanding how these printers work, and how you plan to use it. Here are a couple tips to help you determine which barcode printer is right for you and your business!

Consider the Work environment

If you work in an outdoor setting, or a warehouse or factory, you want to go with an industrial Intermec barcode printer. Industrial barcode printers are rugged and strong, and can resist dust particles and the rough environment of a factory or warehouse. Industrial printers are great for just about any application and can be used to print labels, tickets and tags. All Intermec industrial printers offer advanced networking and security and RFID.  Intermec has quite a selection of industrial printers, including high performance, mid-range industrial printers and specialty printers.

Intermec Barcode Printer Desktop ModelsIntermec Try and Buy

If you work in an office or need an Intermec barcode printer for light duty tasks then the desktop models are perfect for you. Intermec's desktop printers are flexible and can be programmed to fit whatever application you are using, from retail stores to healthcare organizations. Whatever your business, Intermec has a printer that will be a perfect fit.

Intermec Mobile Printers

If you are on the move you need a Intermec barcode printer that is mobile friendly, this is where the Intermec mobile printers are great for you. Mobile printers are designed to resist moisture, temperature variations and bumps and bruises as well as high speed printing, where ever you happen to be. There are many mobile printers to choose from, depending upon where you plan to take the printer and what you are using it for.

Intermec RFID Printers

If your business uses RFID, consider the RFID printer from Intermec, it allows you to see everything from the first stop in your supply line to the very last. You'll be able to figure out what an item is, track its progress, and manage it in the easiest way possible. Intermec's RFID printers are flexible enough to work in any environment and for any type of industry.

Test out the Intermec Barcode Printer First

That's right! You can now try your barcode printer for free for the next 30 days, with no obligation. Governor Business Solutions is allowing you to try out any Intermec device first, so you can see how much you love it and discover how smoothly your business runs with an Intermec barcode printer. Test drive one of our Intermec Barcode Printers today with the new Try n' Buy promotion. Visit here to learn more about the special promotion. 

intermec try and buy

So once you have selected the type of printer that you need for your particular business, and decided the model that will fit you best, contact Governor Business Solutions to get you started. When it comes to supplies like bar code labels and tags, wide selections of printer software to fit your business, Intermec Barcode also has you covered.

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