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The Most Ink Efficient Printers in 2016

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016

printer-inkAs you shop for a printing solution for your office or for your entire company, you'll quickly be bombarded by a litany of possible criteria by which you could make your decision. One of the most critical of these variables is the overall cost of ownership. In the world of printing, your overall cost largely boils down to the cost of ink or toner, worked out on a per-page basis. The printers you find here are the leading ink efficient printers on the market in 2016. Surely, one of these printers will serve your business' needs while also helping to control supply costs.

Canon imageCLASS MF227dw: This monochrome laser printer is a low-cost, entry-level laser printer with business-class DNA. It features the ability to fax, copy and scan while also having a very reasonable per-page cost. Boasting ethernet capabilities as well as dual-sided printing, this jack-of-all-trades printer is a winner at its very reasonable price point.

Lexmark CS410dtn: When the job calls for a bold impression, a color laser jet is the way to go. One of the more ink efficient printers in its price range, the Lexmark boasts a tray that can hold up to 1200 pages at a time. It also has the ability to print up to 32 pages per minute in color and monochrome and to perform dual-sided printing.

Honeywell PC23d: In cases where special-duty printing is needed, you need to look to brands that offer specialized hardware, such as Honeywell. The PC23d is one of the most ink efficient printers designed to output labels as its primary function. If high-volume label printing is a part of your organization's workflow, this machine is well-suited for the task.

Xerox Phaser 4622: For heavy-duty workplace printing tasks, the name Xerox always comes to mind. This printer offers features and capabilities that allows it to outshine most other printers. It has the ability to print up to 275,000 sheets in a single month and is able to hold a capacity of 3,750 sheets at a given time. Highly ink-efficient, the Xerox Phaser line is a great selection for offices outputting a high volume of printed black and white sheets.

printing-inksRegardless of your business' printing demands, it's critically important to select a printer or series of printers that are capable of providing economical duty cycles while also outputting high-quality printed materials. Whether your need is targeted to a specific niche such as photos, labels or large-sized pages or if your needs are confined to standard letter-size printing, Governor Business Solutions has a printer perfectly suited to all business situations. For more information about our custom printing solutions, please contact Governor Business Solutions at (800) 333-2600 to schedule a complimentary printing solution for your business! Our product specialists will gladly help you select the best and most efficient printer hardware best suited for your needs.

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