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Improve Operations With Barcode Scanners

Posted on Mon, Dec 2, 2013


If you haven't yet implemented barcode scanners at your business, you may not be aware of all of the benefits of having them. There are several different areas that barcode scanners improve operations in, and they aren't as expensive to implement as you think, particularly when you do the math and realize that the money saved over the long term is considerable.

Barcoding Makes Data Collection Easier

Just about every business out there has to collect data. If you are still collecting data on paper and filing it, you should switch to barcoding and mobile computing. The first benefit to collecting data this way is accuracy. It is impossible for humans to get everything right, one hundred percent of the time. Second, you will be able to collect data much faster and you'll be able to run reports on that data in hundreds of different ways using computer applications.

Improve Inventory Accuracy & Speed With Barcode Scanners

For anyone that has to keep track of their inventory, barcode scanners make just about every aspect of inventory management better. You'll have more accurate inventory reports because computers simply enter the numbers they are given, eliminating human error, and you'll be able to complete inventory much faster, which reduces the amount of money you'd spend paying people to do it. Also, you'll have the ability to replace damaged labels or change something at any time because of mobile computing, and again, you'll be able to minimize losses by running reports and identifying problem areas.

Overhaul Shipping & Receiving Procedures

Barcode Scanners can make shipping and receiving completely different and much easier. Receiving shipments with barcodes can mean instant entry for those items or you can print you own labels and track things like purchase order numbers, delivery date, item description, the company that supplied the product and more.

As far as shipping goes, you can trace when an item leaves your warehouse and when it is delivered. Having a barcode system set up means that you can print labels quickly an easily. Some items being shipped require a barcode regardless, and so a barcode scanning system will be able to provide all of those solutions.

Tracking Assets For Accounting

Barcoding can make the tracking of fixed assets like office equipment, furniture and computers much easier and allow you to keep track of what you have, as well as calculate depreciation and make sure that maintenance is done on schedule. This can help with financial planning and tracking as well by integrating the barcode management with bookkeeping software.

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