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HUGE Printing Savings for Every Department – MPS

Posted on Thu, Jun 13, 2013

Our Managed Print Service solution help businesses understand their needs and transform document work flows. That leaves the CIO with more time to focus on important core areas of their business.

managed-print-service-resized-600 Our Managed Print Service solution also moderates the business risks associated with the abuse of office equipment. The consensus among vendors and analysts is that an addiction to printing needs to be addressed. Everyone interviewed, whether manufacturers, managed service providers, analysts or procurement specialists, shared the view that organizations have far too many printers. End-users are happy to have the printers, but won't take the responsibility for managing the costs, so they have to be reined in.

Auditing is the key stage of rationalization. This is where you need an outsider to come in and make the tough decisions to ensure objectivity. Most companies, unfortunately, have no knowledge of who prints what, how much their print fleet is utilized or which departments are paying for it. Larger companies have as many as one printer for every three employees. Auditing is difficult enough, for reasons which will become apparent, but acting on that audit is even harder. Governor Solutions has specialized train people to come out and audit your printing situation. We can analyze which printers need to be consolidated, updated or repaired.

How your company can benefit from Managed Print Services

There are several ways your company can benefit from MPS. Governor Business Solutions' gives you control over your laser printing costs. You pay a low cost per page and we provide all the supplies and services for your entire printer fleet! Our trained and highly certified Service Technicians will maintain and repair all your devices. Intelligent software monitors and alerts our technicians when a networked device is in the need of supplies or service. This ensures you minimum downtime, the cheapest printing route and less stress on your employees.

Once you have all departments on board ready to take action, we provide the solution that's attainable and we'll find the best MPS for your entire organization. Governor Business Solutions' Managed Print Service will save your company money! Give Governor a call today at 888-513-3593 or request a free quote today with the link below.


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