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How to Tell If Your HP Printer Part is Authentic

Posted on Wed, Oct 5, 2016

When repairing your HP printer in house, you'll need replacement parts. Replacement parts come in three different variations: refurbished, authentic and third party. Refurbished parts can come in handy, depending on what part you are replacing, thanks to the reduced price point. Third party parts are often less expensive than authentic printer parts but also are of an inferior quality. Similar to replacing damaged parts on your vehicle with third party parts, it may look the same, but the material typically is substandard and life expectancy is far less. Due to this, when ordering HP printer parts you need to make sure you are obtaining authentic printer parts. Here are a few steps in identifying actual Hewlett-Packard parts and knock off items.

Image result for hp authorized dealerWhere You Buy the Parts From

The first step in identifying authentic printer parts is to start with where you purchase the parts. When you start with a quality service provider, you receive quality parts. Always check to make sure the company is an authorized retailer of the particular company (such as HP). As you look over the replacement part options, make sure it states it is an HP part. There will be a distinction between a Hewlett-Packard part and a part manufactured for an HP printer. If you start with a quality service provider and it states the part is an authentic HP part, you can rest assured you are receiving authentic material.


hp-authentic-partModel and Product Number

Every item HP puts out has a specific model and product number. This helps make identifying the part easier. The part number needs to match your product number exactly. If it doesn't there is one of two issues going on. First, you may be looking at either the wrong part or the wrong printer. Printers can often look nearly identical outside of a few variations. If you are looking at the correct printer and part but the number still doesn't match up, it is because the replacement option is not authentic. You will notice authentic HP parts have a distinct holographic sticker on it, similar to the sticker shown to the right. If the part does not have this sticker, it may not be a valid HP printer part. 


Doesn't Look Like Your Part

When you have an HP printer and you want authentic printer parts, the replacement material will look identical to the item you're removing from the Hewlett-Packard printer. Outside of maybe less sun fading or a cosmetic defect your printer has sustained, everything should match perfectly. One of the most common issues is a slightly different color shade. Maybe the part you have is a deep, jet black, but the replacement part you're looking at is a dark gray. This is almost certainly a knock-off or third party part. When a printer model is upgraded by the manufacturer the entire model number changes. Due to this, if you're looking for a specific part for your printer, it won't be designed for a different product. Because of this, it will have the same shape and the same color as your printer. Sometimes a third party company may either not have the right color, or they may find an alternative color is less expensive to produce. When it looks different, it likely isn't authentic.


When it comes to maintaining your Hewlett-Packard printer, you not only need to treat it right, but if a part of the printer breaks down, you should replace it with authentic printer parts. At Governor Business Solutions, you have access to thousands of authentic parts, each of which comes directly from the manufacturer. So, if you have a question regarding your HP printer, are looking for assistance locating authentic printer parts or you would like guidance selecting a brand new printer, the professionals at Governor Business Solutions can provide you assistance to find the right printer and printer supplies. 

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