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How to Install a Zebra Barcode Printer

Posted on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

Image result for installing a zebra printerThe process for installing a Zebra printer should be detailed in the Zebra Setup Utilities feature that comes along with your printer and can be downloaded on Zebra's website. The setup wizard that comes along with Zebra Setup Utilities should walk you through the installation process and simplify the process of configuring your Zebra barcode printer.

In just a few steps, here's how you can quickly install the Zebra Barcode Printer on your computer. The steps you take will depend on whether you're using a Windows or a Mac machine. 


(These instructions are appropriate for a Windows machine that's running on Windows 7 or higher.)

Before you connect your printer to your computer, you should first install the appropriate printer driver onto your computer. You can find which driver is appropriate for your printer model by following this link. Then, you'll enter your printer model and click submit.

Once you've found the appropriate driver, you will click on the .exe file for the driver and then click "Run". After this step, you may need to click "Unzip" and choose the appropriate default language.

A screen should come up welcoming you to the Setup Wizard. You'll click "Next" You'll then be led to a screen that acts you to select the manufacturer and particular model of your printer. Select the appropriate responses and click next. If a screen comes up warning you that "Printers" has not passed Windows Logo testing, click "Continue Anyway".

You'll then be prompted to enter the port you'll be using to connect your printer. Most likely, you'll want to use a USB port. Select one of the options marked USB and click "Next". You can name the printer as you see fit on the next screen before clicking "Next" again to move on.

After naming the printer, you should come upon a screen welcoming you to the Configuration Assistant Wizard. The following screens involve configuring your printer based on your preferences. For the time being, you can leave all the default settings in place and come back and change them later. Leave default settings by repeatedly clicking on "Next" until you come upon the screen that says "Completing the Configuration Assistant Wizard". Then click "Finish" to finish the installation process and begin using your printer.


(These instructions are appropriate for a Mac that is running OS X 10.5 or later.)

Go to "System Preferences" on your Mac and click on "Printers and Scanners". Click on the "+" at the bottom of the printer list to add a printer.

If your Zebra printer is already connected, it should automatically show up in the list of printers that comes up. You can click on it and click on "Choose a Driver". Choose "Select Software". Select the appropriate driver depending on the model printer you have purchased. If you have trouble determining which driver is appropriate for your printer, consult this link for reference. Click "Ok" and then click "Add".

You should now be able to access your Zebra printer when you go to the print command  screen in word processing programs and other programs that allow you to print documents. However, you'll need to configure the paper size appropriately under "Page Setup" and "Paper Size" when you are printing out labels using your Zebra printer.

Image result for installing a zebra printerIf you need additional assistance setting up your Zebra Barcode Printer, call your thermal barcode printer specialist. For great barcode supplies or additional printers, you can rely on Governor Business Solutions to provide you the best products, service, and experience!

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