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How much should you pay for a printer repair technician?

Posted on Tue, Oct 11, 2016

So your printer is on the fritz? You're left with two options. First, go out and replace the printer with new hardware. Second, bring in printer repair technicians to correct the issue. Now, the right decision depends on a few different variables. Once you decide the particular course of action that works for you it is necessary to have a general understanding of what printer repair technicians costs. This way, you'll know whether or not you're being overcharged. It may also change your mind regarding whether you should seek out a brand new printer. Here are a few tips in determining how much you should pay for a printer repair technician.

mps2Before Considering a Technician

Before making your decision regarding buying new or repairing what you have, consider the age of your printer and what it might cost to buy a brand new printer. If your printer is showing its age and simply does not meet your necessary production needs, it may simply be in your company's best interest to buy a brand new printer. Additionally, if you have a smaller desktop with a lower price point, it may be better to replace it even if the printer is on the newer end. When considering hourly repair rates and the cost of replacement parts, once it starts to creep close to the price of your printer you'll be better off going brand new. Just keep all of this in mind when deciding whether to go with printer repair technicians or not.

Hourly Rate and Minimum Hours

A good way to ballpark your potential repair costs is to understand what a repair technician is paid, what qualifications they have, and the business they work under. On average, a laser printer technician is paid $16-21, based on experience, certifications and location. However, most printer repair companies charge a minimum price to have them come out to even start working on your printer. Before contacting a company regarding printer repairs, inquire about potential repair time. Some locations won't offer any time frame estimates, but if the company does, multiple the number of hours with the max pay rate.This will show you what likely is the highest wage cost to repair your printer.

Printer Type

Do you have a large, industrial printer designed for medium to large businesses or is your printer small enough to fit on a desktop. Usually the larger the printer, the more complicated it is and the longer it takes to fix. Now, with this in mind, it likely won't take more than a few hours to repair. Most printers have error codes, so identifying the problem is easier now than ever before. Even without the error codes, printer repair technicians can troubleshoot the equipment and identify the problem in a short amount of time.


If there is an error code on the printer, ask the repair service what parts are required for this kind of repair. From here, look up the cost of these parts. By knowing the cost of the part and the cost for labor, you'll have a much better understanding of the potential cost of the repair.

The exact cost for a printer repair technician will vary slightly based on where you live and the particular issue you're experiencing. However, whether you are in need of parts, a new printer or you have general questions about printers for your business, make sure to reach out to Governor Business Solutions. Here you'll connect with industry professionals who are not only happy to answer all of your questions but assist you in finding the right hardware for all your printer needs.

If you're in the need for a printer repair technician, call Governor Business Solutions and mention you saw this blog post for a special $75 printer repair rate. For more information on the printer types we service, locations, and more, see

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