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How Managed Print Services Helps Reduce Costs

Posted on Mon, Jun 12, 2017

Reducing company overhead gives you more money to invest in other areas of the business. One available option for reducing the cost of running your business while not cutting the quality of your products and services is managed print services. With the help of managed print services, you'll identify key areas of how your business uses the printer, which uncovers ways of reducing usage costs while boosting productivity. All of this goes a long way in helping your company reduce costs.


Managed Print Services

Printer Reporting

Without printer reporting, you likely have no idea as to just how much your printer is being used, what it is being used on and the kind of content it is producing. Knowing all of this highlights print jobs that likely can be transformed into an email, IM or sent through another inner-office communication program. This alone helps save thousands of printer pages a year, in addition to energy consumption and the amount of ink toner required. You can go further with the reporting and look into how much ink particular print jobs use and determine better ways to produce the printed content without as much consumption. The more information you have about your printing services the more educated decisions you can make with managed print services.


Boost in Company Productivity

When you take advantage of managed print services, you rely on professionals to service and upgrade your printer hardware. This reduces the amount of time employees must take out of their day to look into correcting a problem they may have no training on at all. It also allows the IT department to focus on more important tasks than troubleshooting a printer. By returning this time to your employees, each will accomplish more throughout the day, which goes directly into boosting company bottom line and services rendered.


The Right Printer Services

The office printer is one of the largest pieces of hardware you'll likely buy for the company. The problem is, which printer is right for you? Do you simply want something for speed, or would you rather have a multi-function printer? Is color necessary, or would you rather save money upfront on a monochrome printer? There are so many questions you need to address before investing in the right printer. Managed print services can assist with finding the right printer. Such a service provider can look into how often you need the printer, the size of your company, the kind of company and plug in other variables to help pinpoint the best printer models for you. This way, you won't overspend on a printer providing features you'll never use.

In addition to the right printer, if you don't want to you don't have to purchase the printer. You can utilize one of the managed print service programs where you have the ability to upgrade your printer as needed. If you are a company that needs new printers and new technology on a regular basis but simply can't afford (or want) to purchase a new printer every few years, this kind of a program is right for you. It shows the flexibility available when taking advantage of the services rendered by managed print service providers.

Finding ways to cut costs within the company without harming the quality of services you provide is essential. Managed printer services is one such option. From boosting company productivity to cutting the overall cost of supplies, this is money you can reinvest back into your business.

With the help of a service provider such as Governor Solutions, you'll quickly discover just how much money you can save with managed print services.

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