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How Managed Print Services Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

If your business or home prints, copies or files voluminous amounts of paperwork, you have likely questioned just how large your carbon footprint really is. You might even feel a little bit guilty about the seemingly never ending amount of paper that your office goes through. If this sounds anything in the slightest like your situation at work or at home, our Managed Print Services can ameliorate the situation. Let's take a look at how our program can reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously boosting your office's efficiency.

Consider Your Firm's Office Supply Usemps

Managed Print Services, commonly referred to with the acronym of MPS, is one of our more popular services for a variety of reasons. Aside from lowering your firm's operating costs, MPS will also decrease the amount of paper, ink and other supplies you use. While it might seem like the paper and ink that your office uses is infinite and affordable, the costs of these supplies actually add up quite quickly. There is a very good chance that your office underestimates the amount of office supplies it uses. Aside from these excess items costing your company money, their use also greatly increases your organization's carbon footprint.

All About Managed Print Services

We have gone to great lengths to design a comprehensive MPS plan that helps businesses of all sizes determine exactly what their true printing needs are. We take it a step further and determine how much those items cost on a monthly/yearly basis. Armed with this information, our cost and waste reduction specialists mastermind MPS suited specifically to your unique business. We will help you devise and implement cost controls that will save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Some businesses find that they spend a mere 1 percent or less on their printing costs after implementing our MPS program. The unfortunate and surprising truth is that certain businesses spend three times this much on printing costs before our MPS implementation. Think about all of that paper, ink and other supplies that your firm will no longer use as a result of this program. Those that use one-third as many supplies after implementing MPS are actually performing a community service for today's human beings, those who will come in the future and the planet itself.

The Green Business You Have Always Desired

Once your business is operating with the help of MPS, you will finally own the green, clean and socially responsible business you have always envisioned. Add in the fact that green businesses are more marketable to consumers as well as potential partners and it's easy to see why so many are taking advantage of everything that Managed Print Services can provide.

mps2Reach out to our MPS Experts Today

Our Managed Print Services professionals are standing by, waiting to hear from you. Reach out to one of these experts and you will find that he provides unique insight as to how to decrease your office supply use and consequently, its carbon footprint. Our printing professionals know how to cut corners in the right way. We can decrease your supply use without sacrificing the quality of your products, services and general communications.

Our team is ready to help you figure out exactly how to improve your office's workflow while reducing the natural resources required for smooth operation. Our HP Managed Print Services professionals will figure out all those imperfections so your personnel can spend more time focusing on larger problems and client relations rather than printing issues. You will also find that the MPS program frees up your in-house IT employees for other, more important tasks as well.

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