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Honeywell Barcode Scanners Don’t Disappoint

Posted on Mon, May 4, 2015

Honeywell is a major manufacturer of barcode scanners. Now, the day of an oversized scanner connected to an oversized point of sales system is long gone. In the digital age, everything is smaller and compact. This makes not only installing and setting up all the equipment a breeze, but it also brings in a world of new opportunity for your business. You just need to look into what sort of advantages there are when it comes to the Honeywell barcode scanner systems and how it can improve your company's productivity. Should you decide such a scanner is right for your business, you can check out Governor Business Solutions for all of your barcode scanner needs.

Different From the Normhoneywell

When at the local grocery store, you have probably come in contact with all sorts of different scanners, but chances are, you haven't paid all that much attention to the scanner. They might pull out the barcode scanner when you have something heavy in the bottom of your cart, but other than this, it may not interest you all that much. However, when you look at it, most large grocery stores and chain stores tend to be a bit slow on implementing new equipment. The scanners are likely corded and connected to the point of sales system. While this POS is smaller than in previous years, the scanner they are using is most likely handicapping the cashier a bit. You do not need to fall into this trap with the Honeywell barcode scanner. The scanner is easy to use, small and wireless, so you are not tethered down to anything. This makes it far different from the standard barcode readers you see at most retail outlets. It frees up your movements, so whether you want the ability to scan large objects without dodging a connected cable, or you just want the freedom to be able to place the scanner anywhere, it is sure to improve the kind of work you do.

Additional Benefits that Don't Disappoint

Of course, the Honeywell barcode scanner is more than just a wireless reader. There are many additional benefits available to you when it comes to using such a device. The handheld scanner comes with its own dock. The dock makes it possible to position the scanner down towards a counter, so you can easily scan checkout items at the POS register and then pick it up when need be. This way, you do not need to invest in multiple scanners for your register. Why should you spend double the money on scanners when you only really need one. The Honeywell scanner makes it possible for you to avoid doing this. Beyond this, the scanner is able to read all 2D barcodes and industrial barcodes. Thanks to the wide range of barcodes the equipment is able to read, the likelihood of you needing to manually enter something into the POS computer is slim.

One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to handheld scanners is the comfort level. If you intend on using the device by hand for the majority of the time, you want to have a barcode scanner that is easy to hold and comfortable. It needs to fit into your hand without feeling odd or bulky. With the help of the Honeywell barcode scanner, you no longer need to worry about this.

video 959x534So, if your business is looking to invest into a new barcode scanner, you need to check out the selection available at Governor Business Solutions. Here, you can find exactly what you and your business have been in search of.


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