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Handheld Scanners Can Be Used In almost Every Setting!

Posted on Mon, Apr 6, 2015

For decades, scanners have been a mainstay at the checkout line in most stores. From grocery to department stores and everything else in between, scanners have been used while connected to a point of sales register, making it easier to ring in prices. Of course, the evolution of the scanner has made it possible for stores to also monitor stock at the same time, so not only does the scanning of a barcode bring up the price at the register, but it subtracts the item from the total stock, giving a complete inventory of what is currently available at the store. However, this is not where the growth and further development of the scanner came to an end. Laser based scanners have grown smaller and no longer need a large machine to emit the laser. Now, handheld scanners make it possible to scan items just about anywhere in the business. This provides all sorts of useful benefits, so no matter what kind of company you run or products you offer, a handheld scanner is sure to improve your production and functionality. You just need to look into what all a handheld scanner can do for you. Should you find the uses desirable, Governor Business Solutions sells a wide range of handheld scanners, offering you the perfect piece of equipment for company needs.

More than Just a Scanner

Before looking at where a handheld scanner can be used and what the benefits are, it is necessary to understand how these devices are more than just a scanner. This kind of equipment is different from a traditional barcode scanner that is located at the checkout register. It is not just a price gun that connects to the computer system through a cable. Most scanners have a built in monitor on the top with a small keypad. This way, when the scanner runs over a barcode, information about the product instantly pops up. While the information can vary, depending on the software your company is using with the scanners, general information includes the product SKU, current stock and sizing, color and design information. If you are using it on a packaged to be shipped, it can provide information on the screen that includes where it is going to, when it is to be shipped, payments received and other valuable information.

In the Warehouse

If you have any sort of a warehouse, using a scanner on the go is beneficial. You might be on the warehouse floor and have a call regarding a product and what sort of stock there is. Instead of returning to the front and looking up the stock on the computer, you just need to scan the product and have the product information displayed for you right then and there. You can also scan items as you pull them for shipment. This way, each item is instantly logged, tagged and removed from stock, so should another order be placed, it can be immediately flagged if the product is now out of stock. If the scanner of the item is delayed, someone may place an order that is processed, even though it is out of stock, simply because the stock has not yet been updated.

On the Gointermec try and buy

Of course you already know the advantages of having the scanner at the POS location, but having it on the go is valuable as well. You can use the scanner while on the shop floor or even when servicing a location away from the shop (helpful if you offer product repairs). Governor Business Solutions can offer you the best handheld scanner product selection.

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