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GREEN PRINTER Certification

What it is

To promote environmental conscious initiatives, Governor Business Solutions has started the Official GO GREEN PRINTER CERTIFICATION Program. This program is designed to encourage companies in the United States to recycle toner cartridges, ink cartridges and printers. This program also recognizes the companies that go above and beyond to protect the environment.  

How it works

This certification program is based on a company’s eco-friendly printer efforts. Awards are given based on the amount of recycling done throughout the company.

Certification Benefits

In return for your company being GREEN PRINTER Certified, Governor Business Solutions will provide you with an Official Green Badge, to place on your website or marketing materials to prove to your customers that your company is environmentally conscious and practice green initiatives.


GREEN PRINTER Certification

How to get Certified


In order to be certified for a Green Printing Badge, you must have an initiative to recycle in your printing environment, whether it is recycling your toner cartridges, ink or your printer. To actually obtain the badge, you must first apply on our Official GREEN PRINTER Certification page by answer a couple simple questions. In the next 24 hours, a MPS Specialist will contact you regarding your certification.

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