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Green Solutions that make a difference in your Business

Posted on Mon, Jan 4, 2016

Going green is good for business, as well as for the environment! Green solutions can make a difference in your business. Going green attracts customers, employees, partners, and investors. Being environmentally aware and reducing the impact your company has on the environment isn't just a trendy new catch phrase, it is the future of business. Consider adding these green solutions to your business.

Managed Print Services

Do you know how much money your business spends a year on print? Have you ever wanted to reduce your environmental impact in this area but didn't know how to start? Managed Print Services can help. Companies who utilize Managed Print Services tend to cut their printing costs by two thirds compared to before their implementation of Manged Print Services. Cost savings is just the beginning.

By utilizing Managed Print Services, companies will use less toner and ink, as well as reduce the amount of paper waste that is produced within the company. They will experience improved work flow as they free their staff from the burdens of printing and all that it entails. As far as green solutions go, Managed Print Services is near the top of the list for best ways to reduce your environmental impact and save money at the same time.

Governor Go Green eBookDocument Solutions

There are several document solutions available to your business that are green solutions to the every day business. These document solutions can reduce workload, increase organization, make your business more mobile and manageable as well as reducing the overall environmental impact. Some of the document solutions you can choose from include eCopy ShareScan, PaperCut, and Lexmark's AccuRead Automate.

eCopy ShareScan have copiers and MFP's which will allow your staff to easily and quickly capture physical documents, converting them securely into more manageable electronic workflows. You can automate even the most paper intensive workflows easily, making them accessible from nearly anywhere, which will save your business time and money as well as helping to reduce your environmental impact.

PaperCutPaperCut Download can help you wrangle in those printing costs and help you take control of the environmental impact your business' printing has on our planet. PaperCut allows you to analyze printing jobs over the print server, as well as enforcing printing policies and rules.

LexMark's AccuRead Automate can help you quickly classify and route documents, create smart file names and extract data quickly.AccuRead is so easy that it requires very little training to use efficiently, and can virtually eliminate manual data entry errors while minimizing processing costs and expediting your business processes.

Going Green is Easy!

Whether your business has just started to go green, or has been implementing more green choices throughout the last several years, some of these green options may be a good fit for you and your business. Managed print services can help reduce your printing costs, and the environmental impact of your printing. Some of the document services presented can help to ease the workflow, make your business more mobile, and reduce the burden of physical workflows allowing your business to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

To learn more about green printing solutions for your business, contact Governor Business Solutions at (313)441-4600. Our printing specialists can provide your business the best green solution that best meets the needs of your needs.

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