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SE Michigan Companies are Saving Hundreds with the Go Zebra Barcode Trade In Program

Posted on Mon, Oct 20, 2014

Companies all over Southeast Michigan are saving big money because of the Go Zebra Barcode Trade In program at Governor Business Solutions. This program allows businesses to upgrade their printers, while recouping some of the original cost of the printer. It provides the perfect solution for companies that need to upgrade their printer fleet, but have been hesitant because of the cost. From manufacturing to retail, businesses all over Michigan are saving hundreds. So this new program makes it easy to upgrade.


Who Can Take Advantage of This Promotion?

Anyone that has an eligible printer that they want to trade in can take advantage of the Go Zebra Barcode Trade In program. If you have a barcode printer that you know is outdated and is probably costing you money, then you are likely perfect for this promotion. All you have to do is trade in your old barcode printer to Governor and we provide you the rebate! Click here for additional details on the program.

Why Zebra Printers Are The Superior Barcode Printer

Zebra Technologies have been leading the way in the world of barcode, RFID, receipt and kiosk printers and printer supplies for a long time, and they have such a wide product selection for each industry. They know what companies want and need in printers and Zebra strives to provide exactly that, combined with the highest quality products and service to match.

Why Upgrading Your Printer Fleet is Worth it

Many companies understand that they should upgrade their printer fleet, but often do not understand specifically why. There are some good reasons to upgrade and consolidate your printer fleet by taking advantage of this promotion.

  • Updating and consolidating your fleet is highly likely to save you money, on everything from maintenance, supplies and reducing the cost of labor.
  • Updating increases your security, and if you are in an industry where your reputation hinges on protecting personal information, you'll want all the security that you can get.
  • You have more control over your printers.

How The Go Zebra Promotion Works

The program is relatively simple. If you have an outdated barcode printer that powers on and has a printer head, you are eligible for a trade in towards one of dozens of Zebra printers, up to an incredible $500. There is no reason not to take advantage of the Go Zebra Barcode Trade In program, because later, when you have no other choice but to upgrade, you might not be able to trade in your old barcode printers for this huge discount.

As you can see, the Zebra Trade In Program is a huge deal for several companies, and another company could be you! Take a look at some of the eligible Zebra barcode printers eligible for rebates, such as the new ZT400 printer, here.

Zebra zt400

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