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Get Rid of the Slow Inventory Counting Process with Barcode Solutions

Posted on Mon, Mar 31, 2014

It's not just the day of the event, but it is also the weeks of preparation prior to the day that begins to take a toll on your team's efficiency and resolve: the annual inventory ordeal.  Long considered a necessary business evil, the annual inventory is the single best way that a company can gain a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of its inventory situation.

Unfortunately, the end result merely reflects a snapshot in time that that can be analyzed and compared against balance sheets, invoices, and shipping manifests, but does not provide an ongoing montage of the business inventory.  Fortunately, with the advent of barcode technology our inventory portrait is far more dynamic.  With barcode solutions however, you can get rid of the slow inventory counting process once and for all with a energetic inventory control system that not only counts your inventory, but also tracks location, maintains your quantity levels of stock, and increases the efficiency of your entire warehousing operation.

Barcode Solutions Provide Precise Information

With a properly managed inventory, a company has a far better chance to realize a profit than without one.  Barcoding and RFID solutions have given us the keys to unlock levels of efficiency that were absent just a generation ago. These inventory control and management systems provides for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to locating, tracking, and managing inventory levels. You can't sell what you can't find, and in a 100,000 square foot warehouse facility, it's easy to lose something between the cracks, or at least it was prior to barcode solutions.

barcode_solutions-1Quick, Accurate, and Efficient Inventory

Barcode solutions are the cost effective, easy way to manage your overall inventory picture. While the physical inventorying of your facilities may last a couple days, such a system will provide you with continuously ongoing information on a daily basis.The days of heading out into the warehouse, fortified with coffee and armed with pencil and paper, are over when you inventory a warehouse that's fully equipped with an inventory management system. Specifically speaking, barcodes contribute to the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the physical inventory while also being easy to use while maintaining your data integrity. Any repetitious and monotonous task is subject to potential error due to operator error, but with an automated inventory control system, barcodes and wand systems afford unparallel accuracy and speed. Whereas manual input tends to result in two errors per every thousand characters entered, a barcode and wand system is capable of providing near error-free recoding at one error per 3 million characters.

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