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How to get $500 cash back with the HP Trade In program

Posted on Thu, Jan 25, 2018

The HP trade in program provides upwards of $500 cash back. The best part is this cash back deal is provided for a printer that can halt attacks. Do not underestimate the importance of safeguarding your printer and network. HP Print Security is centered on helping to secure the printer as well as the full network so attacks can't wreak havoc. In fact, this threat detection occurs in real-time. The program also provides automated monitoring along with built-in software validation that can't be obtained elsewhere.

HP Printers

HP $500 Cash Back Trade-in Deal Details

The trade-in program occurs in four easy steps. The first is to purchase a new HP LaserJet or PageWide printer. Next, submit the claim for trade-in at the web page HP has set up for claims. Pack up the eligible trade-in product and you will be able to ship it for free. The final step is to claim your savings. The $500 cash back maximum is provided once the trade-in of an eligible printer takes place.

A printer that weighs upwards of 75 pounds qualifies for the program. However, units that stand on the floor can't be traded in. It is important to note this trade-in program does not strictly apply to HP printers that are traded in. A non-HP product can also be turned in. Furthermore, turning in a non-HP product might also make you eligible for another rebate. The value of this rebate is determined by the type of printer traded in.

Enjoy an Invaluable Peace of Mind

Take advantage of the $500 cash back program and you will rest easy knowing the printer you turn in is properly recycled. HP recycles every single printer returned as a part of this special program. Each printer turned in will be processed in a recycling facility approved by HP. All of the plastics and metals that can be transformed into useful material will be processed in such a manner. This effort prevents millions of tons of waste from being diverted to already-overflowing landfills.

This program also provides peace of mind in that it gives computer users an elite printer that stands the test of time. Purchase an eligible ink or laser desktop printer HP printer or multifunction printer (also known as a MFP) and your digital security will be dramatically enhanced. HP's standard printers and MFPs are engineered for comprehensive digital security, optimal productivity and a reduced total cost of ownership across posterity.

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