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Why every business should invest in a large format printer

Posted on Mon, Jan 11, 2016

Although owning a large format printer has been a relatively new idea for a small sized businesses, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be an option for a business owner. In the past, large format printers were mainly available for use through large printing companies. Coming into the commercial market in the mid 1990's, small companies traditionally would gain access to items that needed large format printers for printing only by outsourcing the job. Now that large format printers are more readily available, and cost-effective, they have become a wise investment even for small-sized businesses.


Save Time, Save Money

Large format printers can be very versatile and can be used for a variety of projects. When time is money, waiting for hours, or even days, for your printer to produce the prints you need could cost you valuable time and money. If you need a large print poster for a special advertising that starts quickly you may not even have time to get it to the printer. By purchasing a large format printer for use of several of your departments, you can skip the middle man and will be able to print in mere minutes what could have taken several hours to days by outsourcing your large printing jobs. Outsourcing large print jobs to printing companies can also become quite expensive, so by purchasing a large format printer you make a large initial investment in exchange for long term savings.

Increase Marketing Efficiency

With instant access to large format prints, your marketing department would be able to produce vibrant, customer catching advertisements quickly and seamlessly. The types of prints you would be able to produce is nearly unlimited with the right large format printer. You could print everything from large photo quality posters to banners, and even car decals all of which can be quite costly to outsource. Having access to a large format/plotter printer will increase your marketing efficiency, allowing them to transition from one marketing creation to the next with ease.

Bring Out Your Creative Side

Large format printers don't just print posters and banners, but they also serve many purposes for a typical small and medium sized business, such as architectural drawings, presentations. Having access to a large format printer within your company will allow you to really get creative without spending a lot of money on outsourcing the jobs. You can create nearly anything, quickly, with one of these printers, and the creativity is endless. From car decals that will increase your customer exposure, to quickly printing booklets that require no binding, to printing graphics that allow more creative uses than ever dreamed of before, your business can really bring out the creative side by having instant access to a large format printer.

Need a Workhorse?

Large format printers really have unlimited uses. Not only can they ramp up your companies marketing abilities, print those much needed CAD drawings and blueprints, or give you the ability to print car decals without breaking the bank, they do so quickly and efficiently. Large format printers truly are a workhorse, and will print your items at a rapid rate which is very convenient for time sensitive items. Even though they are fast, the quality is not compromised as a result. You will get high quality prints, at a rapid rate, every time from these powerful machines.


Purchasing a large format printer can be an upfront investment for your business. Though the initial cost may seem prohibitive, the savings are there in the long run. Though you will be responsible for both the cost of up-keeping the printer as well as for the paper used, one sheet of paper for a large format printer is usually about the same as four sheets of standard paper, and costs less than four sheets of standard paper together would. The initial investment may seem intimidating, but the money made in the long run will be worth it. To help cut back on the big investment, ask your large format printer professionals about a leasing option. 

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