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Ergotron Solutions

Across the United States, people are sitting almost all day. From work to watching television to sleeping, our American lifestyle is becoming excessively sedentary. This sedentary lifestyle, also known as the “Sitting Disease,” can have negative repercussions on our health. Sitting too much can lead to reduced blood flow, increased blood sugar, and reduced cholesterol levels. Excessive sitting is even a factor in serious killers, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers!

What can we do in the workplace to counteract this sitting epidemic? The answer?

Sit Less, Stand More, and Start Now!

ergotron sit stand   ergotron sit standergotron sit stand   

Governor Business Solutions works with Ergotron to offer the products and solutions that adapt technology to the physical needs of each person. Ergotron products will create a work environment that promotes wellness AND improves productivity. Solutions might include desk mounts, wall mounts, carts, workstations, and other ergonomic products. 

Ergotron Workplace Solution Tools

Ergotron offers several tools to help you determine which ergonomic solutions will work best in your workplace. Start finding solutions by clicking on the tools below:


Sitting time calculator     ergotron workplace assessment     ergonomic calculator