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Printing Green and Cutting Printing Costs

Posted on Mon, Feb 20, 2017

The average office workplace uses 1.5 pounds of paper every single day!

This translates to over 10,000 sheets of paper for each business office, every year! Using this much page is not only a massive financial drain on your company, but it also take a huge impacts on the environment as well. If your business is looking to 'Go Green' by printing green, or would just like to cut back on some costs, there are some easy solutions to help your business accomplish both of those end results, with Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services will help you utilize a greener way to print, and cut back the extra, un-necessary costs. While completely cutting out printing and copying likely isn't an option, you can reduce paper and energy usage through these different methods.

printing-greenGreen Printing with Managed Print Helps Recycle the Waste

The vast majority of content printed by your business ends up in the trash. Outside of some information later filed away, everything else is tossed into the trash can. Even when the print job is necessary, the paper should end up in the recycling. While recycling won't reduce your paper usage, it does prevent paper from ending up in the trash when it can be recycled and converted back into paper.

Printing Green Starts with Double-Sided Printing

This is a printing method that can instantly slash the amount of paper you use in half. Double-sided printing instantly uses the back side of the paper you are already using. Plus, most printers are able to perform double-sided printing, so it won't take any extra work. If you don't have a printer with this function, it may be time to upgrade (a new printer likely uses less ink and the amount of money you save on paper within one year will pay for the new printer).

Start Printing Green by Asking Employees to Print Only Vital Documents

The majority of content you print probably doesn't need to be printed. Outside of material required for clients or for certain meetings, try to cut out all other print jobs. This will help you with your green printing campaign. Combine this with the double-sided printing and you'll really see a nice cut in paper usage while saving a good amount of money along the way.

Go Digital, and Print Less!

Combine this option with the print only vital documents option and the amount of material you print suddenly drops considerably. Instead of copying a document for the entire office, scan it and share it digitally. Emailing handbooks or providing a PDF makes it possible to view on tablets, phones and computers. Going digital with the company handbook alone cuts out tens of thousands of pages. Scanning takes just as long as copying, yet will help your business go green.

If you're looking for other ways to help your business 'Go Green' and start printing green, and save dramatically on your printing costs, we would highly suggest hiring a Managed Print Services solution within your company. Managed Print Specialists, such as Governor Business Solutions can help your company discover the ways to cut costs, yet stay or increase printing efficiencies! Contact Governor Business Solutions today at 313-441-4600 for details on a complimentary consultation!

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