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Easy Steps to Keep your Laser Printer out of the Printer Repair Shop

Posted on Tue, Aug 6, 2013

Printers these days are now designed for easy maintenance and reliable, high-quality output. Though they were made for easy maintenance, it doesn't mean they don't have some kind of maintenance. So there are still some precautions users should take to protect your laser printer. Governor Solutions employee's decided together to find 3 of the most general, steps to safeguard your printer investment, so you don't have to replace it!


1Most damage done to printers comes from an accumulation of debris. Even electronic failures can begin with a dirty printer. While only trained service personnel should access contact surfaces to remove critical accumulations, you can keep the machine relatively clean and prevent toner and dust from building up at the key points. Lightly clean the interior of the machine each time the toner cartridge is changed. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and debris, and a damp Q-Tip to access cavities.


2Service technicians always record their visits in a log provided, and you should chronicle persistent service problems as well. It’s important to record all the “errors” you see, (Including: persistent errors, temporary errors and miscellaneous errors that you are able to clear yourself for an objective review of the machine’s history). The reason you should record these incidents is because 19 out of 20 communication failures in the printer are not from a defect on a printer. Most of the time we can help you right away, but it's important to communicate with your service tech, so they can service your printer in one stop.

When deciding if a printer is in the need to be repaired or not, there are Six Main Printer Problems. Letting your printer service rep know which problems your printer is experiencing, it allows them to assess your laser printers needs faster than you think.


1) Power problems- turn the machine on and nothing happens.
2) Communications problems- sent a file to the printer and it doesn’t print.
3) Jams- paper isn’t feeding through the machine properly.
4) Image- what is on the paper isn’t what is on the screen.
5) Noises- the machine is making a noise serious enough to interrupt the workflow.
6) Error Message- the machine’s operation has been interrupted by an error message you can’t clear.


3There are all sorts of messages that a printer sends out. There are condition statements such as READY or ONLINE, prompts such as PAPER OUT and PRINTER OPEN, reset errors such as 13 PAPER JAM and 51 SERVICE (beam detect error), and fatal errors like 50 SERVICE or 55 SERVICE. Make sure to inform our Service Tech exactly what the printer says so we know what part it may be. The reason we ask you to inform your tech about the error messages is because they want to service you better! If they can bring out all the equipment or parts in one trip, you can get your defective printer up and running before you know it!

Now remember, you want to carefully clean your printer (try every time you replace the toner), record any problems and always inform your service tech of the problems. Follow these simple steps, so you can have the low-maintenance, high-quality laser printer you always wanted.

Now you know about the main types of problems printers may experience. You also know how to take care of your laser printer to help you avoid those problems. If you would like to learn more about our Printer Repair Services, visit our Printer Repair Page. This month we are offering a $75 repair price for all new customers. (Printer Repair Deal Excludes Additional Parts). Call 888-513-3593 today or



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