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Do you know how much you’re spending on printing? It could be more than you think!

Posted on Mon, Aug 1, 2016

With the continued digital cloud movement, chances are you have shifted some of your previously hard-copy material to an Internet offering. Whether this is an emailed newsletter instead of a mailed document or network invoice memos, all of this does help improve productivity while cut down on some expenses, chances are you still heavily rely on printing for a wide assortment of both presentation and internal means. However, do you know how much you're spending on printing? Chances are it is far more than you think. As every dollar saved from printing costs can be invested back into the business, you need to take advantage of every price saving measure to stretch your production costs.


Paper is a major expense. While it may not seem like much, as you likely only spend a few dollars per ream, however with multiple printers, and multiple users, it adds up over the course of the year. There are a few ways you can significantly reduce the cost of your paper. First, consider using a thinner paper with a reduced weight, at least for internal documentation. You may still want to use quality paper for clients, but when you are not trying to impress potential contracts, go for a less expensive paper.

The second requirement is to print on both sides. By printing on both sides you'll instantly cut down the amount you spend on paper by half. If someone told you that your'e spending twice as much on paper as you should be, chances are you'd consider the money saving opportunity.

The third and most cost-savings change you can make is to implement a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution within your business. Managed Print Services can save up to 30% off your entire printing costs. To learn more about MPS, ask Governor Business Solutions, the Managed Print Specialists


Ink is another major expenditure and chances are you're paying far more on the ink than you should. At Governor Solutions, we can show you a few different options for reducing your ink usage. First of all, choosing when to print in gray scale instead of color. Color ink is more expensive, which means every print costs more. Another way to reduce costs is to simplify how you print. Many graphs and presentation information uses a variety of color, bolded terms, thick lines and shadows. Much of this can be removed in order to give you the same presentation material while reducing your ink usage.

Ask our team of specialists for more tips on the brands and types of inks to purchase for your printers. Our specialists have access to thousands of branded ink cartridges that could end up saving you more money than if you paid for a ink cartridge on sale at a local office supplies store. 


This is a hidden cost. You can quantify how much paper and ink you use. But what about energy? Look for energy efficient printers. Of course, turning off the printers when not in use to reduce your energy bills could save you money on your energy bill, but there are specialty designed printers and multi-function printers in the market today that can significantly reduce your overall printing costs. 

For information on these energy efficient printers, or on Managed Print Services that can save your company, please contact Governor Business Solutions for a free consultation and quote! Remember, if you don't know how much you're spending on printing costs, it's probably too much! Take control of your printing costs, and start saving your business hundreds or even thousands every year! 

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