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5 Big companies that rely on Managed Print Services to reduce printing costs

Posted on Mon, Jul 6, 2015

Managed Print ServicesManaged print services have become, in recent years, a necessity in many large companies. These services, simply put, is a series of services offered by an outside company that monitors and tracks printing, and helps to better understand how your print services are costing you money. MPS can also be used to save the company, boost productivity, and more effectively deal with printing needs, such as consumables ordering and maintenance. There are some big name companies that have jumped on board with managed print services, and have used the services to save money, boost productivity and, effectively, change the way they operate.

1. Reuters

A leader in the news reporting industry, Reuters surely uses a lot of paper and consumables. Printing is and has always been an important part of the company's daily dealings, but that doesn't mean there wasn't waste. In fact, a company that prints more is more likely to be wasteful, and managed print service packages can be especially helpful in driving down the costs. In fact, when Reuters began utilizing managed print services they reduced the cost of their printer fleet by 19% per year.

2. Rotterdam University

Universities across the globe have implemented managed print services in recent years. The move came after universities quickly figured out that they were spending exorbitantly on printing each academic year. The spend, which is often attributed to students and professors printing frivolously was cutting significantly into budgets. To make printing more efficient many universities implemented print cap policies, and employed a plethora of print services to create solutions that would more readily track printing. Rotterdam University is one locale that implemented these services. In the first year they saw a drop in waste of 60%, they also improved their up time to 98% and reduced paper and consumables costs by 20%.

3. Exelon

As an energy company, Exelon is always on the lookout for new and different ways to increase their efficiency in a sustainable way. The use of print services, by the company, has helped immensely, according to a case study. In the first year of managed print services, Exelon experienced a reduction in document devices by 80%. They also eliminated 55 tons of Green House Gases, and saved a ton of power.

4. Westbury School District

The Westbury School District services over 4,000 student each year. It also employs 400 teachers, and several hundred staff members to keep the schools up and running 180 days each year. Looking for a way to reduce the cost of their printer fleet, while introducing printing into each classroom, they decided to utilize managed print services. Through a quick assessment, their MPS team was able to identify areas of waste, streamline the current fleet, and employ a document strategy that saved money and made printing more accessible.

5. Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General

Legal and political offices have heavy printing needs, but that doesn't mean managed print services can't help. In fact, they can be more helpful in these locales that anywhere else. The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General utilizes managed print services to reduce costs through capped printing and regular monitoring of current printing trends.

When you are dealing with a business, printing is just part of the daily culture, but that doesn't mean printing needs to cost you an arm and a leg. Through the use of managed print service options your office can safe money, become more efficient, and move forward, whether it is a multinational company, or a small business just getting off the ground.

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