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Companies in Michigan are now implementing Imaging Solutions

Posted on Tue, Mar 25, 2014

There is a new business process making waves with medium and large sized businesses throughout Michigan and that business process is imaging solutions. Imaging technology is the process of digitizing important documents for your business and adding them to an online enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) that can be easily reached by staff. Before computer imaging software, businesses had to rely on dozens of tangible files that had to be meticulously organized by hand which easily led to frustrations with organization as well as lost time in order to keep up with all the paperwork involved. Fortunately, imaging solutions make these time wasters a thing of the past.

hp-flow-cm-videoConsumer related hardware and software has been available for several years now, allowing you to have a database of documents such as tax papers, receipts, medical files and other things important to your family right at home. However, the same kind of technology has been difficult to implement for businesses because of the large volume of paperwork most companies have. But there have been strides in making a difference and now a Michigan based company provides this service to mid-large sized companies efficiently and quickly.

Why Imaging Solutions
Michigan businesses are switching over to computer imaging and CMS platforms for several reasons, some of which have been outlined below. If you're not yet convinced about the importance, consider the following:

  • Michigan businesses see an overall uptick in day to day productivity and efficiency because of how easily documents can be found. There is no more rummaging through actual file systems nor is there paperwork that needs to be created for certain business processes--everything can be done electronically.
  • It is more than just scanning images of documents and creating a database for them online, it is also the process of streamlining workflows and everyday business processes, too. Medium to large businesses don't have the time or money to waste on obsolete or inefficient workflows and processes any longer. This is especially true when there is technology available to make things easier.
  • Operations costs can be reduced with the right imaging solution and enterprise level content management system implemented into your company.

How Imaging Solutions Work
So, how does the technology work? Most of the system relies on cloud technology, which has been put through rigorous security measures and ensures all your data is properly backed up. Instead of being frustrated after losing an important, tangible document the cloud and CMS will always have a copy available that can be accessed at any time by authorized users. There is also professional support for any questions or concerns you might have as well as training so you know exactly where your documents are.

Many Michigan companies, from auto industry manufacturers to legal offices to everything else in-between, are making the switch from dozens of paper filing systems to imaging solutions that actually work for them. The transition can be easy--much easier than it has been in the past--and you will have the guarantee that everything will be safely stored online.

Here's just a couple solutinons we would recommend for an imaging solution:

As technology continues to improve and streamline workflows, businesses both in Michigan and across the nation will continue to update their internal infrastructure to keep up with this technology. Interested in more material? Here's
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