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Community & Social involvements

Governor Business Solutions’ Local Community Involvements

As a local business in Dearborn, Michigan we are encouraged to give back to community is several different ways. Throughout the years, our company has always stayed involved donating money to charitable events or by volunteering our time in the local event. As a local company in the Dearborn community, we love to give back, bring the community closer and give a helping hand. Here are a couple of the charities or fundraisers we contribute to on an annual basis to the community:


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Sponsors & Team

susan g komen race for the cure sponsors detroitOver the past several years, Governor Business Solutions has joined the fight against breast cancer in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure as a Team. Starting this year, we were given the opportunity to not only be a team in the race but also to become an Official Sponsor in the Race for the Cure. As a local company near Detroit, Michigan, it is with great honor, to sponsor the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Read More.


Local Golf Outings Sponsorships in Michigan

local community involvementsTo expand our local community involvements in Michigan, Governor Business Solutions sponsors several local golf outings for charities, events and fundraisers. In the past we have sponsored the Special Olympics Golf Outing, local educational foundation golf outings and more. If you would like us to help sponsor your cause, contact us today!


Michigan Special Olympics Sponsors

local community involvementsOver the past couple years, our company has sponsored the Michigan Special Olympics. To be able to help promote and continue to have this event year after year brings joy to ourselves. We feel it’s important to continue to give back and stay involved in the local community.