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Cloud Services that will make your company more efficient

Posted on Tue, Sep 2, 2014

Almost all businesses are switching over to the cloud in order to become more efficient and interconnected within the office. Whether it's storage and data backup for your business, sharing files instantly, or even using software as a service for your sales or marketing, there are all sorts of cloud-servicesreasons to be using cloud services right now. To help you understand the best uses of the cloud, we have created an outline below of some of the best services you can get for your business to make it run efficiently.

Record billable hours in the cloud
There are many small business/ solutions out there that allow you to record billable hours as well as create invoices and reports all from a central cloud network. This means less hassle when it comes to record keeping and accounting because everything will be stored all in one, easy to access and fast network that can pull data at any time or anywhere. Billable hours in the cloud are still locked down with the leading security in the industry to make sure your sensitive information doesn't get leaked. Accounting in the cloud should be a staple for any small or medium sized business.

Create lead generating forms for your website
Landing pages are a great way to capture leads that will turn into paying customers, but first you need to be able to create the form the lead will fill out. Cloud services have made it possible to do everything with a cloud form creation service so you can have quick forms to put on websites or on your social media channels. The upside of using the cloud for your form creation is that you'll have faster and more reliable analytics so that you can make your forms even more efficient.

Web conferencing and video calls
Meetings are an integral part of business, but sometimes not all the staff can be present or you need to have a meeting with someone half way across the globe. This is where cloud services really shine and there are several options available to small and medium sized businesses to have web conferencing solutions in the cloud. Newer technology has also made this type of software faster and easier to connect than previous web conferencing solutions, too.

Storage of files
One of the most important types of cloud services out there for small businesses happen to be digitizing your physical files. Having a backup of them in the cloud or even going fully digital is now the best way for a business to remain efficient and have their files on hand in a matter of seconds. Everything can be stored securely and efficiently, especially when you use a cloud such as the HP Flow CM Professional cloud services.

As a small or medium sized business, you have several options for cloud services that help you stay efficient and get work done. To determine which document solution is right for your company, visit the document experts, Governor Business Solutions, here.

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