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Cloud Printing 101: Using the Internet to Print

Posted on Mon, Jul 23, 2012

Suppose you’re doing some research on your smartphone over lunch, and you stumble upon a graph with statistics that could really strengthen an upcoming sales presentation.  You know immediately that you want to print this back at the office.

Maybe you’re going through your morning emails while you’re getting ready for work and you come across an article that would be valuable at this morning’s staff meeting.  It would save you valuable time at work if you didn’t have to wait until you get to the office and find the article again before you print it.

Enter the convenience and efficiency of cloud printing.

Cloud printing connects any web-enabled device to any web-enabled or cloud-ready printer, anywhere in the world.  In a nutshell, you use the internet to print.

Depending on the printer from Governor’s business partners, you can even download apps that allow you to automatically upload files and documents to cloud-based sharing services like Google Docs.  Cloud printing also eliminates the need to update drivers or the hassle of trying to print from unfamiliar places and devices.  Much like mobile printingcloud printing is all about flexibility, efficiency and convenience.

What types of cloud printing services are available?  What cloud-ready printer is right for you?

Contact us and we’ll help you determine which cloud printing solutions meet your business needs.

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