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Cloud Computing Trends 2013 | Mobile Cloud Computing Security

Posted on Fri, May 24, 2013

Cloud Computing Growth Sheds Light on Security

This year, expect to see mobile cloud computing grow, even more companies taking advantage of managed security services, and cloud start-ups merging with established players.

According to Gartner analysts,10% of overall IT security enterprise capabilities will be delivered in the cloud by 2015. This year, a focus will be on expansion of cloud computing. Learn what our predictions are for cloud computing in 2013 and how to achieve more secure cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Growth Predications for 2013

Continued Growth of Mobile Cloud Computing – As mobile becomes increasingly popular, companies will rely on mobile cloud computing more than they ever have before. With statistics reporting on increases in mobile usage and the rise in mobile app development, it’s a sure bet that mobile cloud computing will continue to grow.

cloud-computingA concern of discussion has been how secure mobile cloud computing is, especially with the popularity of mobile malware. The answer is, secure. Protect mobile cloud computing with:

  1. Cloud-access protection: Use strong authentication to ensure that only employees who have authorization can access cloud-based services. Use one-time passwords over locally stored passwords for greater security.
  2. Embed device identity protection: With the option to embed a personalized configuration profile on each employee’s mobile device, add a personal security token or credential on each device so that only employees can access applications and data.
  3. Install anti-malware: Risk for infection is the highest for Android users. Make sure each employee has anti-malware installed on their mobile devices that supports anti-malware.

Managed Security Services Will Be Utilized More - Another prediction for Cloud Computing Growth this year is, as noted by Gartner, acceleration of change in cloud-based security will likely "threaten" some traditional business relationships that IT security providers have with their value-added resellers. With that being said, companies will seek cloud providers from managed security services through cloud delivery.

Many Cloud Security Start-Ups Will Merge With Established Players - By the end of 2012, the mergers already started happening. In its year-end fourth quarter report, Ernst & Young reported that cloud and SaaS-related mergers was said to have accounted for more than 15 percent of global technology M&A deal volume in 2012. Most recently, Cloud Sherpas has acquired two additional integration companies. We believe this is just the start of the mergers and acquisitions.

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