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  • How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges

    Whether you use an HP Deskjet printer or a wide format Canon printer, the printer toner is made almost entirely out of plastic. Once spent, the plastic itself is no longer of any use for you, yet simply tossing it …

  • Green Solutions that make a difference in your Business

    Going green is good for business, as well as for the environment! Green solutions can make a difference in your business. Going green attracts customers, employees, partners, and investors. Being environmentally aware and reducing the impact your company has on …

  • Why cloud computing is necessary for small businesses

    For years, businesses had to rely on the internal storage of their documents. This required hard drive after replacement hard drive, and not to mention boxes of those wonderful floppy disks. While technology has impro…

  • Cloud Printing 101: Using the Internet to Print

    Suppose you’re doing some research on your smartphone over lunch, and you stumble upon a graph with statistics that could really strengthen an upcoming sales presentation.  You know immediately that you want…