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How can cloud computing help my business?

Posted on Mon, Jun 2, 2014

The world is changing, and one of the best changes that have happened in the last few years is the viability of the Cloud. Cloud computing has enormous benefits for just about any industry, and companies all around the world are becoming faster, and more efficient because of cloud storage. cloud computing

First, what does Cloud Computing do?

Cloud Storage is simply data that is stored in a location that is accessible from anywhere. The data is secure, and accessible by anyone authorized to access it, which means that companies can upload documents, or data, and share them with whoever needs them, instantly, without the need for faxing, emailing or any other document transfer method.

How Companies Benefit

There are many benefits to cloud storage when it comes to doing business, and they expand across nearly every industry imaginable. One of the best cloud storage systems is the HP Flow CM Professional, and here are just a few of the benefits you will see from using HP cloud computing:

  • Data Security: HP's Cloud storage is one of the most secure data management methods available. Only the people you want to access data will be able to do so, and you can set up as many users, and customize their access to suit your needs.
  • Safety of your Data: HP Flow CM Pro doesn't just keep your data safe, it keeps it safe no matter what. With multiple physical storage locations your information will always be safe, even if a disaster happens. With physical servers at your location, this may not be the case if a flood or another natural disaster takes place.
  • Flexibility: HP Flow CM Pro supports thousands of different formats, and you will have full use of the Autonomy IDOL search engine to find information fast. Document indexing and sync folders are two additional features that will benefit your business.
  • Data Management: The HP Flow CM Pro system allows you to upload files from anywhere, and then access them from anywhere and then manage the document flow as well. Users can share folders and much more, and you can even receive alerts on a specific file or folder.
  • Efficiency: Since your document flow will be streamlined automatically with HP Flow CM Pro cloud computing you will have the minimum chance for down time while you are trying to find a specific document. This directly results in savings for your company.

The Cloud Businesses Favor


The HP Flow CM Professional is an easy to use, document management solution that’s designed to help users manage information & improve collaboration with features like:

•  Capture, Store & File documentssafe data
•  Secure & Preserve data in multiple physical locations
•  24/7 access to Share, Publish & Retrieve files
•  Print from any location

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