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Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Vs. HP Printer Ink Cartridges

Posted on Thu, Aug 17, 2017

Canon printer ink cartridges and HP printer ink cartridges have own unique merits and drawbacks. Below, we delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each printer ink to help you select the one that is best for your unique needs and desires. Carefully weigh the positives and negatives of each printer ink before making a decision.

HP-ink-cartridgesIs There a Price Difference Between Canon and HP Printer Ink?

Canon multi colored printer ink cartridges typically cost between $20 and $36. HP printer ink cartridges usually run between $19 and $43. This is a wide price range yet HP printer ink is typically more costly than Canon’s. Be sure to shop around online and at brick-and-mortar stores before making a decision.

Which Printer Ink Cartridge is More Environmentally Friendly?

Neither of the printer ink manufacturers outshines the other in this category. Canon and HP printer ink cartridges are both environmentally friendly. Each of these companies provides customers with the option of recycling the ink cartridges. You can also bring both types of printer ink to electronics stores and other outlets. These stores typically have used cartridge bins where customers can drop off their ink cartridges in an attempt to preserve our increasingly fragile environment. In general, most office supply stores can refill Canon and HP printer ink. However, the quality of this ink won’t match that of the original fill.

Canon-ink-cartridgesCanon’s Fixed Head

Canon printer ink cartridges typically have the fixed head type. This means the print head is directly implemented in the printer. In contrast, disposable head ink cartridges allow for the replacing of the color of the ink on a one-by-one basis. It is worth noting that damage to the print head will spur the need for an entirely new printer.

HP’s Disposable Head

HP printer ink cartridges typically have a disposable head type. This means the print head is integrated directly into the cartridge. Once the ink’s color is used, the entire ink cartridge must be replaced even if other colors are not completely used.

Which Cartridge is More Efficient?

Though HP printer ink is typically more expensive, HP representatives are adamant its printers require less ink than Canon’s. Indeed, Canon printers use nearly two times as much ink as the typical HP printers across the same amount of pages. HP can rightfully claim that printers with distinct cartridges for every color are not more efficient than printers equipped with the tri-color cartridge variety. Canon printers use more ink primarily because of cartridge changes and system maintenance.

For more information on Canon Printer Ink Cartridges, or HP Printer Ink Cartridges, you should contact an actual printer specialists, such as Governor Business Solutions! They have professionals to give you the best advice, plus offer competitive prices!

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Printer Ink Online

Posted on Mon, Jul 31, 2017

Shopping for ink can be a hassle. You have to deal with fumbling through a giant selection of random inks at the office supply store, only to realize you don’t know your printer model off hand, or you go to the nearest store and your ink isn’t sold. Either way, you can make it easier on yourself and shop for printer ink online. Here are five reasons why you should skip the retail outlet and instead purchase your printer ink online.


Image result for printer ink1. Save Money

The number one reason you should start shopping for printer ink online is the amount of money you’ll save. Printer ink is almost always less expensive online than what you’ll find at the local office supply store. So whether your printer takes a single black ink cartridge or you need a half dozen different colors, you’ll save money on every sink one while shopping on the Web.


2. Larger Selection

With the office supply store, the selection is usually limited. In order to make provide ink for the widest selection of printers, only name brand ink is available (such as Canon and HP). However, there are quality third party ink cartridge producers that make products for your printer for less money. You often can purchase ink in bulk for an even greater reduction in price. More ink selection means a greater savings for you. So, if you’re fine with using third party ink cartridges (which often have the same performance as name brand), the larger selection of online retailers is the way to go.


3. Save Time

Shopping for ink cartridges is time consuming and takes you away from work or other activities. If your’e already going to the office supply store it isn’t that big of a deal, but if you need to only purchase ink, dropping everything in order to drive to the store is an extra hassle you probably don’t want to do. When shopping online, you can select your ink, fill in the shipping information and complete your order in a matter of minutes. Plus, after you’ve shopped with the online retailer before, all of your payment and shipment information will be saved to your account, allowing you to save even more time.


4. Know Your Printer

Printer model numbers are confusing. Especially if you have owned your printer for a few years and the hardware is no longer sold at the store. If you don’t know your model number by memory, you may not know what kind of ink to purchase while at the store. While going to the store to purchase ink is already time consuming, going to the store and forgetting what printer model number you own is even worse. When shopping online, your printer is right there, so you’ll never forget the model number again.


5. Auto Ordering

If you regularly use your printer for work, you probably have a good idea how long the average ink cartridge lasts you. When shopping online to buy your ink, you can set up auto ordering. This way, ink is automatically sent to you when you need it.

No matter your printer make or model, you can find your printer ink online, usually for far less and with more options. With the time and money you save, you can invest it back into your business or if you’re buying ink for the home office, slip the savings into the kid’s college fund. Whatever you decide to do with the time, energy and money you save, now is the perfect time to start shopping for printer ink online.

For more information on finding the right printer ink, Governor Business Solutions can help! We have specialists that can match your printer and ink type in seconds. Governor Business Solutions also offers competitively priced printer ink online at, where 100,000+ products are sold! To get started, call us at 313-441-4600 or visit

How to Refill Your Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

Posted on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Constantly purchasing brand new laser printer toner cartridges can quickly become a major expense, especially in a larger business. There are a handful of “refillable” options available, but often these are either built of an inferior quality or not made for larger laser printers. However, it is possible to refill your laser printer toner cartridge yourself. Refilling your cartridge can save hundreds of dollars over the purchase of new cartridges, and while you can’t indefinitely refill a single cartridge over and over (it will eventually wear down), even refilling the cartridge once can prove financially beneficial. Here are tips in how to refill your laser printer toner cartridge


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How Companies Benefit From Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Jul 17, 2017

The typical business loses track of its printing activities. Some do not even track their printing costs as they are busy and unconvinced a significant amount of money can be saved by altering their approach. The truth is that managed print services really can significantly reduce printing costs, improve continuity and boost workflow. There are all sorts of other benefits to managed print services that will save your organization plenty of time and money.


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3 Signs You Need Managed Print Services

Posted on Tue, Jun 20, 2017

Managed print services has grown in popularity over the last several years. As your business grows, you’ll begin to experience an increase in production costs. This takes money away from other avenues within your company. Over time, as you look at your printing expenses, there is a good chance you can benefit from the shift of managed print services. In fact, here are three signs you need managed print services for your business.

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How Managed Print Services Helps Reduce Costs

Posted on Mon, Jun 12, 2017

Reducing company overhead gives you more money to invest in other areas of the business. One available option for reducing the cost of running your business while not cutting the quality of your products and services is managed print services. With the help of managed print services, you’ll identify key areas of how your business uses the printer, which uncovers ways of reducing usage costs while boosting productivity. All of this goes a long way in helping your company reduce costs.


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What to know when buying a large format printer

Posted on Mon, Jun 5, 2017

Owning a large format printer is a great way to product poster sized documents in house. This saves money over going down to the local print shop to produce the larger sized material. Most large format printers share many of the same features as a standard desktop printer, only the large format design allows for a greater array of production size. However, not all large format printers are the same or created equal. Before buying a large format printer, here are a few bits of information you need to keep in mind. 

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Should you lease your Large Format Printers?

Posted on Mon, May 22, 2017

Image result for buy or leaseA large format printer is an excellent investment for the office. It makes it possible to produce posters, in store advertisements and other displays you’d normally have to purchase through a local printing company. Large format printers are also an added expense to the bottom line of your business. It is a one time expense that may prove to be too costly, despite the potential investment. Instead, you may want to lease your large format printers. You just need to decide which option is best for you.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Large Format Printer

Posted on Mon, May 1, 2017

Wide format printersBuying a large format printer can be an excellent investment for your business. By reducing the amount of money you have to spend at local print shops, you may end up paying back the cost of buying a large format printer in a few short years. With that said, many individuals and business owners make mistakes when buying such a printer. If you are on the market for a large format printer, keep these common mistakes in mind. It will help you find a device that fits for your budget, your company needs and the space you have available. 

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Oce, Canon, or Hewlett Packard Large Format Printer?

Posted on Mon, Apr 24, 2017

Purchasing a large format printer is not a one size fits all investment. There are different brands out there, each of which are known for offering different features and benefits. Oce, Canon and Hewlett Packard are three of the most known and purchased large format printer brands on the market today. Before purchasing one it is necessary to look into what each is able to offer before moving forward with buying the equipment.

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