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Why Choose Governor Business Solutions as Your HP Provider

Posted on Mon, Aug 11, 2014

Governor Business Solutions has been a leader in the field of document services for nearly four decades, and they have been the best HP provider in Michigan because of their commitment to quality. Governor is an authorized dealer for HP brands as well as Xerox and Lexmark, and they provide managed print services to businesses large and small. There are several reasons why Governor has become the best HP provider in Michigan, and the go-to company for managed print services, printer sales and any other document services that you need. Here are some reasons to choose Governor as your HP provider.

Best Pricing on HP Machines

michigan hp resellerOne reason that Governor Business Solutions is the best HP provider in Michigan is due to the money that they are able to save you on HP machines. The experts at Governor know HP printers, scanners, all-in-ones and other peripherals. They price the equipment competitively and give you exactly what your company requires to fulfill its needs, and then provides a variety of other services related to document management as well.  Because of their experience in the field, they are able to get you exactly what you need at the lowest cost possible.

Reputation for Quality & Commitment to Customers

Governor Business Solutions is committed to providing you with the best document management in Michigan, and because they have built up that reputation over the past thirty-five years, they defend it fiercely. Governor's commitment to quality means that you'll have the very best machines, the very best management services, and the very best customer service possible.

Managed Print Services to Make Your Business Betterhp reseller

Governor also offers managed print services to provide you with management of your entire printer fleet. That means from the initial purchase to the maintenance of those same machines when they need servicing so that you don't ever have downtime from printers not working. Managed print services ensure that printers are properly maintained, supplied with consumables like toner and paper, and networked securely to allow printing from the computers you want to be able to print, and a whole lot more.

Governor Business Solutions is the best HP provider in Michigan because they care about making sure that all of your document management needs are being met, and that you save the maximum amount of money possible, whether it be a purchase of a new printer, or fully implemented print management services.

To contact Governor Business Solutions about the services and products they offer, visit their website here or call 800-333-2600 to speak with a representative. 

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