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Benefits of a MFP-based Imaging Solution

Posted on Tue, Sep 17, 2013

Even the most efficient and environmentally-friendly of offices has to deal with a significant amount of paperwork. Just a single lost or misplaced important document can have an enormous impact on your business. That one missing sheet of paper can bring your operation to a screeching halt by delaying a process for hours or days at a time. A multifunction peripheral or MFP-based document imaging solution can eliminate these risks and hang-ups.


Everyone knows that maintaining a complete and up-to-date paper filing system is a complicated and overwhelming task. Staff can easily get bogged down by huge piles of paperwork cluttering their desks. In fact, an employee can spend three to five hours per week just looking for documents or files required to perform their jobs. Three to five hours every week is an overwhelming amount of unproductive time. Using conservative time figures, merely spending one hour each day searching for and retrieving documents or files equates to thousands of dollars a year in labor costs. Isn't it time to stop wasting so much time and money?

This enormous waste of time, money, and resources can be eliminated from your business by simply investing in suitable machinery, such as an MFP-based document imaging solution. This imaging solution is a dedicated scan station that does it all. In the picture below, this is an example of the newest Imaging solution in the market, known as the eCopy PDF Pro. These scan stations can become extremely helpful, especially when working with a vast amount of papers.


"A better solution for many offices is an MFP -- It's an affordable, all-in-one business machine!"

"Scanning stations", known as MFP-based Imaging Solution copy, print, scan, fax and can be digitally networked to any computer or authorized user. You can continue to make hard copies of documents when necessary, and pick up faxes that are sent in. But an MFP gives you the added bonus of digitally scanning and safely archiving all of your company’s documents, making the quest for stray paperwork a thing of the past.

Overall these new imaging solutions are made for all types of industries and used in many different work environments. If you think your business could benefit from this all-in-one business machine, or if you want to inquire more info on the advantages of an MFP, give Governor a call at (888)513-3593.

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