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Benefits of Mobile Printing in your Industry

Posted on Thu, Apr 17, 2014

ruggedjet4-mobile-receipt-printingIf you aren't familiar with mobile printers, and how many advantages are associated with owning one, then you might be missing out on some vital information that can help your business run more smoothly, and increase production and efficiency, all of which improves your bottom line. Let's explore the world of mobile printers, and find out if - and exactly how - they can improve your business.

Mobile Printing 101

A mobile printer is simply one that is small and portable and will allow wireless printing from anywhere - primarily from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and other devices. There are a number of advantages to being able to print this way, and having mobile printers can be a major time saver for almost every business out there. Mobile printers range in both price and function, but basically, they work by allowing anyone with access to print from whatever device they are using. This obviously is much more advantageous to the old way of printing, where a laptop or desktop had to be connected to the printer and drivers had to be installed.

Why a Mobile Printer Might be Required

Mobile printers are a necessity in today's business world for one very simple reason - everyone uses mobile devices. Even if your company doesn't specifically issue mobile devices to employees (and many companies do) odds are very good that your employees are using their personal mobile devices for work-related tasks anyway. Checking email, getting information and updating or checking a calendar are all things that can be done with a mobile device. In fact, these days, you can do almost anything with a mobile device that you can do with a laptop or desktop computer. That's why many people prefer to work on them at least part of the time, and many use them almost exclusively.

Advantages of Having a Mobile Printer

4530Depending on your industry, there can be several different advantages of mobile printing. Here are a few of the reasons so many companies are making mobile printers a standard:

  • You may need less hardware - Since you can print from computers like desktops and notebooks, you don't need printers hooked up to every computer or networked around a circle of computers.
  • They take up less space - This is important if you are already struggling to find room for equipment in your office. Mobile printing devices are usually much smaller than conventional printers.
  • Mobile printers can be used on-the-go - Since mobile printers are well - mobile, they can be used to print from outside of the office. Rather than printing something later and mailing or faxing it, you can use a mobile printer at a business lunch, hotel, at a conference or anywhere that you carry your mobile devices.
  • Mobile printing devices are high quality - Many business owners are concerned about upgrading or investing in mobile printers because they think that the quality will be compromised. However, if your current fleet of printers is more than a couple of years old, odds are good that mobiles will meet or exceed that quality.
  • Any mobile printer will work from mobile devices, so you don't have to transfer the document that you want to print to a computer. You can simply print it as you access or create it on your mobile device.

A mobile printer is a great investment for businesses that want to stay on top of technology and allow employees to have access to technology that makes their job easier, as well as have the tools to work as efficiently as possible. Looking for more details on these mobile printers? Talk to a specialist or call 313-441-4610 for more information.



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