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Why Bad Printing Habits Can Cost Your Company Big Money

Posted on Mon, Nov 3, 2014

Did you know that most companies spend too much on printing? These costs can sometimes be managed easily and end up saving the company a huge amount of money if certain bad printing habits were eliminated. Identifying those habits and reducing their occurrence can help to reduce a budget considerably because certain bad habits can double or even triple your printing budget. But to know what these habits are costing you, first you must know what they are so that you can quickly identify them and stop them before it’s too late. Here are a couple bad printing habits that can cost your company big time: 

Printing Extra Copies

Some people just don't trust computers - especially when it comes to storing an important document, and so before they hand off the document that they have worked hard to prepare, they may print out an additional copy and file it before handing off the other copy. This can mean much higher printing volumes for your company, and it's unnecessary because with solutions like cloud computing and online backup, files are in no danger of being corrupted or disappearing. 

Unnecessary Printing

Bad printing habits can also include printing documents that don't need to be printed. Which includes, memos, emails, or it might employees that just feel more comfortable having hard copies of documents. Often, these unnecessary printings cost companies big money, depending how many employees suffer from this habit, and how frequently they print things that don't need to be printed. This bad printing habit of printing multiple copies together can increase your printing budget to double or even triple what it should be, and that can be a great deal of money for large companies with a giant printer fleet, with hundreds of employees. 

Other Bad Printing Habits and How to Eliminate Them

You can download a free guide with the ten major bad printing habits and how you can eliminate them, save your business money, and increase the overall work efficiency. This is important because printing unnecessarily doesn't just cost you money in paper, toner and printer wear-and-tear, it also costs you time for organizing and filing the unnecessary copies.

Visit Governor Business Solutions to get your free download on bad printing habits to start eliminating poor printing habits to start increasing your bottom line. You'll be amazed how much you could be saving by implementing some simple printing policies that teach employees the right way to print. 

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